Pascale Maxime Ballieul

  • Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
  • Design, Architektur

Skills and Expertise

Textile WorkTextObject SculptureContext ArtFilm StudiesJapanese StudiesMedia and Communication Sciences


  • Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7 - 3. St.
  • 1010 Wien

Curriculum Vitae

Pretty ulcers, homoerotic glances from heterosexual men and a monstrous renaissance – the works of Pascale Maxime Ballieul, an artist born in 1994, are characterized by ambivalent aesthetics which draw upon gentle, delicate tenderness as well as on the terror of repulsive corporealities, thus raising questions about the societal construction of femininity, masculinity, domesticity, (re-)production of seeming naturality as well as the image and role of the demonized “other”. He is living and working in Vienna and is studying for master’s degrees in Art and Communication Practices, Textiles - Free, Applied and Experimental Artistic Design and Expanded Museum Studies as well as for a bachelor’s degree in Japanology. Photo profile picure: Paul Vincenth Schütz, Werkstätte Digitale Fotografie

Activity List