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Klaus Ita and Thomas Klausner (Validad GmbH), Simon Repp, Armin B. Wagner.


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The Online Base of the University of Applied Arts Vienna (subsequently referred to as base Angewandte) is meant for internal communication and cooperation and in general is only accessible via the appropriate log-in procedure. The base Angewandte also contains subject matters which aim for a general audience. Such contents are usually produced by the base Angewandte users. There is no provision for editorial revision of the contents.

This means it cannot be warranted that the information provided is correct, complete or up-to-date. Consequently, the University of Applied Arts Vienna does not accept any liability. Any links to other websites are also selected by the users. As the University of Applied Arts Vienna has no influence over the contents of such websites, the University accepts no liability in respect of them. The contents of linked websites are the sole responsibility of the appropriate provider.


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Legal Form

Pursuant to § 4 University Act of 2002, Federal Law Gazette no. I 2002/120 as amended, the University of Applied Arts Vienna is a legal entity under public law.

Declaration on the basic purpose of the website pursuant to § 25 para. 4 Media Act

The purpose of the base Angewandte is the documentation, visualization and cross-linkage of art, science and teaching within the University’s sphere of influence.

Date published: 1 February 2016