About the base

Innovative solutions that digitally support art and science, research and teaching.


Intuitive user interface

The base Angewandte is easy to use. It is based on common input formats and terminology and aims to support users in their work.

Available everywhere

The applications in the base Angewandte are Web-based, i.e., they can easily be used anywhere and anytime via Internet browser and run on diverse Internet devices (responsive web design). For some applications (e.g. Cloud), smartphone apps are also available.

Supports multiple languages

The base Angewandte speaks two languages. The user interface is available in German and English, and lecturers have the opportunity to enter information about their courses in both languages.

Implementation at the Angewandte

The base is developed at the Angewandte by colleagues for colleagues. Together with staff, students and graduates, a small team is developing new digital tools to sustainably support and archive university work in art and science, research and teaching.

One login, many possibilities

The base combines various software solutions. A single login (single sign-on) provides access to personal applications, collections and archives at the Angewandte, as well as to the user's own data.

International cooperation, innovative solutions

The Angewandte draws on a network of national and international cooperation partners to develop the individual applications. The technical requirements and organization of the base are clarified and innovative solutions are developed in collaboration with experts.

Existing applications

Teaching & Courses

The Teaching & Courses web application provides all of the essential functions for keeping you and your study timetable organised. Useful features such as easy registration for your courses, a personalised calendar compatible with a smartphone and tablet and georeferencing of the lecture halls and seminar rooms, make planning and organising your semester simple.
Lecturers can communicate information about their courses precisely in German and in English. The application is designed to give your courses visibility and make communicating information about your courses to your students easy. The allocation of keywords makes the courses easy to find, while regular appointments can be entered to appear automatically in the calendar. For the organisation of your courses the application also provides all the room information you may need such as location, equipment and room size. Setting your course up with the optional online registration also automatically creates a folder in Cloud that is shared with all registered students which can be used to upload scripts and seminar papers.


Portfolio allows university staff, student and alumni to store and manage information, media files and documentation pertaining to their work and research. The system can save digital formats such as audio, images, texts, videos and offers the possibility of adding detailed metadata such as the persons involved, year and place of origin. Portfolio can communicate with external web applications, including Showroom (from 2021) and Angewandte’s repository Phaidra. Data that is entered in Portfolio is not publicly accessible. Work and research can be made public by a user selecting the option to “Publish” their information to be publicly accessible. Published information will be visible on the Angewandte’s website and in Showroom.

For further information see portfolio-showroom.ac.at.


Showroom makes information about the university’s staff, students and alumni’s research and activities findable and presents current events and the latest work. In Showroom, individual and collective projects, ideas and information about the university members are displayed—a virtual showcase for the university. Information which is published and made available on the publicly visible personal profiles of all affiliated to the university is edited and manged through the Portfolio application. Users can publish individual entries that they have uploaded to Portfolio, such as an audio file, images or a video and curate the presentation of their artistic and scientific research focus.

For further information see portfolio-showroom.ac.at.


Image is the Angewandte’s image database. Image contains images of art works from all eras with a focus on modern and contemporary art. The more than 17,000 data sets incorporated by the department of Art History are continuously expanded and supplemented according to the areas of interest of current courses. Additionally, Image enables the creation and use of PowerPoint presentations.
"Image+ Platform for Open Art Education" is the associated research project that is currently being implemented at the University of Applied Arts Vienna together with other universities and basis wien.


The Recherche application is the editorial art and research database by the Angewandte and basis wien containing information on 80,000 artists to date. Recherche can be used for research on current art with a focus on Austria. The database is gradually being enriched with additional holdings such as the Biennale Archive Austria, theses and diplomas.
The inclusion of international standards including Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus, GND, European Art Net, helps the artists and researchers noted in the research to achieve significantly higher international visibility.

Existing open source applications (in accordance with the Central IT Services)


Cloud simplifies file storage and transfer. University staff, students, and alumni can access their personal Cloud account, where they can upload, share and edit documents. In addition, the open source system Nextcloud offers its own apps for smartphones and computers to make accessing your files possible from anywhere.
The base Angewandte team is continually working on the integration of Cloud into its other applications. For example, the Teaching & Courses application automatically activates a folder shared with the course leader and all registered students that can be used to share documentation pertaining to the course. If needed, the storage space offered can be expanded for projects or departments at any time via the ZID helpdesk (contact: helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at)


Chat enables you to communicate via instant messenger with your colleagues. You can share files and instant message in real time. Chat is encrypted and all data is stored exclusively on servers of the Angewandte. Clients for Android and iOS are also available. Further information and a tutorial can be found on the IT department’s website.


Jitsi Meet is a WebRTC-based conference software. Meet enables web-based audio and video conferences; the connection is encrypted and established exclusively via the Angewandte’s servers. We recommend the Chromium web browser; an app is available for Android and iOS.

Applications under development


Manage is the new content management system (CMS) for the art and research database Recherche. Manage is only available to the editors of the Recherche database; they can use Manage to organise specific collections. Comprehensive links between the individual entries can be established with Manage. In addition, the web application has a rights management system so that certain information can only be viewed by authorised editors. Content will be expanded into a comprehensive research information system (RIS) and published as open source software.

Planned applications


With Booking, the centrally managed rooms of the university can be searched and booked. The application is available to all members of the Angewandte. The rooms are georeferenced and all necessary information about equipment, location, number of people, etc. can be viewed. If required, individual departments can add their rooms and equipment to Booking.


The room coordination software Renting organises inquiries about individual rooms and supports the responsible colleagues in organising the booking inquiries. With Renting, the information about the rooms can be recorded. The editors decide, which information will be presented in Booking for the public. Renting can also be used by departments to manage the rooms or devices available to them. A comprehensive rights management system (“Who can view and book what?”) is available for this purpose.


The Teaching & Courses application will be divided into two independent applications in order to be able to use the new base Angewandte graphical user interface design. Teaching will be expanded to include new functions.

Further information about the department can be found at: About the base department