About the base

Innovative solutions that digitally support art and science, research and teaching.


Intuitive user interface

The base Angewandte is easy to use. It is based on common input formats and terminology and aims to support users in their work.

Available everywhere

The applications in the base Angewandte are Web-based, i.e., they can easily be used anywhere and anytime via Internet browser and run on diverse Internet devices (responsive web design). For some applications (e.g. ownCloud), smartphone apps are also available.

Supports multiple languages

The base Angewandte speaks two languages. The user interface is available in German and English, and lecturers have the opportunity to enter information about their courses in both languages.

Implementation at the Angewandte

The base is developed at the Angewandte by colleagues for colleagues. Together with staff, students and graduates, a small team is developing new digital tools to sustainably support and archive university work in art and science, research and teaching.

One login, many possibilities

The base combines various software solutions. A single login (single sign-on) provides access to personal applications, collections and archives at the Angewandte, as well as to the user's own data.

International cooperation, innovative solutions

The Angewandte draws on a network of national and international cooperation partners to develop the individual applications. The technical requirements and organization of the base are clarified and innovative solutions are developed in collaboration with experts.

Existing applications

Teaching & Studies

Base Angewandte offers students the opportunity of extensive searches in the course directory. Courses can be found quickly by subject matter, and a search by study programme and curriculum subject will help to establish which study subjects are yet to be completed. The function “Subscribe” enables clear planning of the semester, dates can easily be transferred to the own calendar (e.g. smart phone). Place, exact location of lecture and seminar rooms can be found with online maps.
For teaching staff, base Angewandte offers a user-friendly input screen to communicate precise information regarding own courses. Keywords can be assigned which facilitate traceability; recurring dates can be entered automatically. In addition, the system provides information regarding rooms booked (e.g. their address, available equipment, room size). The optional online registration allows to clearly display and manage the registrations, as well as export them in csv format (e.g. for Microsoft Excel) or as an exams record. Also, the online registration automatically activates an ownCloud folder that is shared by all registered students (to be used among other things for scripts, or uploading seminar papers).

Recherche - Art and research database Angewandte/basis wien

The basis wien database, which currently contains information on 80,000 artists and researchers, will be available to users of the base Angewandte by 2018, incorporating far-reaching improvements. The latest search technology enables simplified database searching, which is being successively augmented by further collections (including the Biennale Archive Austria and final papers at the Angewandte).
Compliance with international standards (including the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus, GND, European Art Net) grants artists and researchers listed in the research results much higher international visibility.


Cloud facilitates cooperative working and file transfers. Through base Angewandte, staff members and students can access their Cloud account where they can upload, share with others, and revise documents. In addition, the open source system ownCloud offers own apps for smart phone and computer.
Base Angewandte is continually working on integrating Cloud into further applications, for instance Teaching & Studies automatically activates a folder which may be used as a platform in the area of teaching. Contact base Support to request an increase of the offered storage space at any time (e.g. for projects, departments).


Image, the new image database of base Angewandte, is available to all students and staff members. Image contains pictures of artwork from all periods with the emphasis on modern and contemporary art. The Department of Art History has incorporated more than 12.000 data records which they continuously expand and supplement – also taking into consideration the areas of interest of current teaching courses. Also, Image allows the preparation and joint use of image presentations in connection with teaching courses. The database contains image presentations of current courses, either for information or for downloading (e.g. as a PowerPoint presentation).
The Image database is very easy to handle. As a user you may gather images for your events or lectures and compile presentations, PowerPoint files or work folders. Missing image material can be added by the editors. To obtain an editor’s account, please refer to base Support who assign such accounts in coordination with the Department of Art History.


With Portfolio, users can record and manage their own works (works, publications, exhibitions, etc.). The system can store diverse digital formats and offers users the possibility to supplement detailed information, such as involved persons, year of origin and location, distribution history, etc. (i.e., metadata). Portfolio can communicate with external Web applications (Phaidra, Research Catalog, Library, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and synchronize data via interfaces. Data entered in Portfolio is not public. However, it can be exported into Showroom and thus become public.

For further information see portfolio-showroom.ac.at.

Applications under development


Showroom provides users with an innovative application for discovering information about current exhibitions, research, people, etc., as well as communicating their own works and fields of activity. Showroom makes art and science at European and international universities easy to find and therefore visible.
Showroom displays individual and collaborative projects, ideas and information - a virtual showcase of current work at the Angewandte. Elements of social media come into play: Users can "subscribe" to information about activities of people whose work they find interesting and thus remain up-to-date.

For further information see portfolio-showroom.ac.at.