User Guidelines for IT Services at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

This is the English translation of the original German version. Only the latter is legally binding.
Users are to note the following regulations:
  1. The University of Applied Arts Vienna provides the following IT-related services:

    1. Internet access via publicly available computers and wireless network at the University,
    2. Email service,
    3. Server storage space for own homepage,
    4. Server storage space for own files,
    5. base Angewandte ( including ownCloud,
    6. Server hosting (e.g. institute websites), server housing (housing a client’s server).

  2. Purpose of the IT services is to support the University in achieving educational goals and in fulfilling educational tasks as per §§ 1 and 3 Universities Act.

    The appropriate use is to be guided by the governing principles and tasks of the University in accordance with § 2 Universities Act. Excessive use for other purposes may be curbed by the University at any time. The University provides the technical infrastructure, but does not assume responsibility for the contents stored.

  3. On accepting these guidelines, a permission of usage is granted – the extent and duration of which is based on the University’s digital policy.

  4. Inappropriate use of services may lead to withdrawal of the usage permission at any time. Especially the following are regarded as inappropriate use:

    1. Using the services for commercial or trade purposes,
    2. Excessive use for private purposes (e.g. exceeding the allocated storage space),
    3. Any use that violates legal regulations (particular attention should be paid to: Copyright Act, Data Protection Act, Telecommunications Act, Prohibition Statute, Pornography Act),
    4. Any form of use that represents a hindrance to other users or providers of services, or impairs the function of the services provided,
    5. Manipulating the network structure or services in any way,
    6. Passing the usage permission to a third party.

  5. Users bear full responsibility for the manner in which the usage permission is employed and they are to ensure that the structures and services made available may not be used inappropriately by third parties. In particular, they are responsible for the data stored and they must take care that their individual access data are not passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

  6. Users are liable for any damage caused by improper or negligent use of the structures and services provided; this applies particularly to issues relating to unresolved or missing rights of use for images, videos or other media and issues relating to data protection. The security of data vitally depends on the quality of the password defined by all persons authorised to access the dataset in question.

  7. Should individual users undertake activities that violate these guidelines and the University as the operator subsequently incur costs, the University is entitled to claim for reimbursement of said costs from the users causing the event.

  8. Whenever users enable third parties to upload data, said users assume liability towards the University of Applied Arts. If any, users may only charge the third parties involved for any damage or cost incurred.

  9. The University of Applied Arts Vienna is not liable for any damage to a user’s hardware/software or for the loss of data.

  10. Users are obliged to act without delay on the instructions given by the University’s central computing services (ZID) in connection with these guidelines.

The Rector
V 06/2016