Eine andere Welt – base Karussell

Group Exhibition


Maximiliane Leni Armann , Yuko Ichikawa , Valentino Manuel Skarwan , The (new) Constellation (Tina Kult, Agnes Varnai) , Sergio Patricio Valenzuela Valdés , Miloš Vučiċević

Date, Location

  • 09 June 2020–02 November 2020 Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien, Wien, Österreich (base Angewandte)


Fine Arts, Digital Arts, Photography, Installation, Video

Exhibition Announcement

The new exhibition format “base Carousel” presents six works of art dealing with the topic “Another World”. In times of lockdown and social distancing, the exhibition asks about the possibilities to think critically about art, culture, society, politics, economy and science. How do policies manifest themselves, whether acute or long foreseeable in their longue durée, i.a. in public, private and digital space or in the form of architecture and technology? Which possibilities open up, which forms of criticism can be transferred to digital and which materials are available for artistic creation? In five video works and a series of photographs, the artists approach these aspects to additionally question the format of the exhibition, as a foreign body in an administrative software environment. Maximiliane Leni Armann’s video work “ab tasten” (2020) depicts real feet on virtual surfaces. Sampling is a topic here in two ways. It shows both the careful, getting used to this unreal environment and the experience of surfaces that cannot be experienced haptically. Yuko Ichikawa also deals with the sensual experience of surfaces in her work “Between Space” (2011). The artist superimposes a video of a frenzied and deafening drive through a mine with pictures of a face, eyes, nose, ear and hands. The setting of Valentino Skarwan’s video “Hot Blood” (2020), on the other hand, is home. In the nightmarish sequence, furniture and, in the Chinese Year of the Rat, a domestic rat play the main roles. With a wink, the artist designs a mythical journey into his own living room. The (new) Constellation (Tina Kult, Agnes Varnai) create a dystopian vision of the future with “Lessons for Mutants” (2020). With their photo series, they sketch a time when the continuation of capitalist demands for optimisation and growth lead to new forms of resistance, located in the immediate materiality of a landscape. “Come with me … and you will see” is the friendly invitation of Sergio Patricio Valenzuela Valdés to follow him with his work “I-Medium_drone” (2020). The video shows a performance by the artist, which alternates with landscape shots from a moving train. With the reference in the title to new visual recording methods, the images of the performing body and the juxtaposition with the landscape raise questions of aesthetics. Miloš Vučiċević also focuses on traveling and going away. “SOUP” (2020) is a reflection of the artist’s return after many stays elsewhere to his family and the conversations in which each time a different person has irrevocably left the circle of acquaintances. The exhibition runs from June 9 to November 2, 2020. All works can be seen at base Angewandte (base.uni-ak.ac.at), with each visit you will be shown a different work. Jury Quirin Babl, student Painting Florian Bettel, Cultural Studies and project „Portfolio/Showroom“ Astrid Poyer, Art History Liddy Scheffknecht, Cultural Studies Eva Maria Stadler, Art and Knowledge Transfer Maria Ziegelböck, Applied Photography and Time-Based Media


2020-06-09 10:00

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  • Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien, Wien, Österreich
  • Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2
  • 1010 Wien
  • Österreich

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