Barbara Macek

  • Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien

Skills and Expertise

TextCollageLectureConcrete PoetryReadingPhotomontageLiteratureText InstallationArtistText ArtAssemblageTalkPersonal WorkConceptCo(-)Operation Partner

Curriculum Vitae

Barbara Macek, born in Bruck/Mur, Austria, studied psychology with focus on psychopoetology (final degree: Bachelor of Science) and Art & Science at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (final degree: Master of Arts). Currently she is a research fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) at the Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art (University of Applied Arts Vienna), working on her PhD project: "Autoimmunity and Anthropological Difference". As an author and photographer her texts, poems, and photo collages are published in journals, magazines, and anthologies. Her first individual publication, the novel "sehen & nicht sehen", was published by Czernin in Vienna, her latest book project: "Lykanthropus erythematosus" (published by the University of Applied Arts Vienna) was presented in November 2019. She received several state grants for her art projects, most recently a scholarship for literature in 2021. As an artist-scientist she presented her projects at International Conferences (2017 Berlin, 2019 Zurich and Linz, 2021 Vienna, 2022 Weimar) and gave talks on the subject of artbased research in the fields of medicine (especially pain medicine and rheumatology) and philosophy (biophilosophy, philosophical anthropology). Her art works (installations, assemblages, collages, text art) were shown as part of the exhibitions "[dis]placement" (2016), "Essence2017" and "Essence2019" (University of Applied Arts Vienna). In September 2018 the exposition of her Art & Science-study on pain: "Between Agony and Ecstasy – Investigations into the Meaning of Pain" was published in the peer-reviewed Journal for Artistic Research (JAR 16). In December 2019 the publication of an article on artistic research on the margins of medicine and mythology in the peer-reviewed Journal RUUKKU (Studies in Artistic research) followed. In November 2018 she received the Award of Excellence of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research for her academic achievement. In March 2019 the annual Prize of the Society for Artistic Research was awarded to her in the scope of the 10th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste for her artbased research project on pain. In November 2019 her book "Lykanthropus erythematosus" was published by the University of Applied Arts Vienna and presented within the event series "third place". In August 2021 she received a two-year DOC Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) for her PhD project: "Autoimmunity and Anthropological Difference" (supervisor: Virgil Widrich). With this artbased research project at the intersection of medicine, biology, philosophy and poetry she explores the cause and meaning of autoimmunity. List of Publications (Selection): Macek, B. (2020). Poetologische Anamnese. Die Rampe – Hefte für Literatur, 4/20, 86-87. Macek B. (2020, June 15). UN/MASK/ING POETRY. Hufak E-Zine, 1, 21. Macek, B. (2019, December 31). Lycanthropus erythematosus. Artistic Research on the Margins of Medicine and Mythology. Ruukku Journal (peer-reviewed) / Studies in Artistic Research, 12 [online], doi:10.22501/ruu.607127. Macek, B. (2019). Lykanthropus erythematosus. Reisebericht / Prosagedicht / Lyrikserie / Fallstudie. Wien: Verlag der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien. Macek, B. (22. Mai 2019). Schmerz als Zeitphänomen. Image tableau. In D. Griesser, Expeditionen in den Schmerz und andere unerforschte Gefilde. Der Standard, Forschung spezial, S. 27. Macek, B. (2018, September 28). Between Agony and Ecstasy: Investigations into the Meaning of Pain. Journal of Artistic Research (peer reviewed), 16 [online], doi:10.22501/jar.308804 Macek, B. (2017). Pain Cut Bone Blood. Experiments in research-creation: a multi-voiced, multi-perspective approach to pain. In B. Kräftner (Hrsg.), Caring – Enactments of Heterogeneous Relationships (S. 34- 45). Vienna: University for Applied Arts Vienna. Macek, B. (2016). Crows Death Talks. Lyrik. Wien: Eigenverlag. Macek, B. (2014). Autoimmune Transformationen. Projektvorstellung. In Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien (Hrsg.), out of the box. (Lecture-)Performances zu undisiziplinierter Wissensproduktion (S. 27). Wien: Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien. Macek, B. (2009). Insomnia. In Literaturhaus Zürich (Hrsg.), Texte des Monats (S. 35-43). Zürich: ropress. Macek, B. (2009). Danke, nichts. In S. Treudl (Hrsg.), Schöne Versager (S. 104-106). Wien: Edition Aramo. Macek, B. (2007). von fünf zu einem stern – reise zwischen zwei welten in 80 minuten. In M. Stiller & S. Treudl (Hrsg.), Hotels (S. 179-188). Wien: Edition Aramo. Macek, B. (2007). Bewegte Zeiten. In W. Kühn, M. Stiller & S. Treudl (Hrsg.), In vollen Zügen … vom Warten und Reisen (S. 49-53). Wien: Edition Aramo. Macek, B. (2007). neue sonne, Macondo, 18, 11-12. Macek, B. (2006). sehen & nicht sehen. Roman. Wien: Czernin Verlag.

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