Throwing Gestures

  • Protest, Economy and the Imperceptible
Group Exhibition


Achiampong, Larry , Argauer, Jakob , Florian Bettel , David Blandy , Dina Boswank , Justine A. Chambers , Deller, Jeremy , Timo Herbst , Honeit, Kerstin , Kaldrack, Irina , Silas Mücke , Nebe, Marcus , Tobias Schulze , Konrad Strutz , Baha Talis , Tur, Nasan , Laurie Young


Florian Bettel , Dina Boswank , Herbst, Timo , Konrad Strutz , Laurie Young

Date, Location

  • 08 December 2018–16 December 2018 Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin, Deutschland (Kunstquartier Bethanien)


Sound Sculpture, Fine Arts, Installation, Cultural History, Arts, Media Research, Performance, Video Installation

Exhibition Announcement

The exhibition “Throwing Gestures” scrutinizes gesture as a physical movement that gains its significance through political attribution, as well as its media (in)visibility. “Throwing Gestures” examines media representations of (political) gestures, including their translation, displacement and (de-)contextualization, verbalization, as well as video recognition and cinematic forms. The artworks analyze power structures, be they visible or invisible, or manifested in material forms such as architecture and technology. The works presented in the exhibition were developed over the past two years as part of the interdisciplinary research project “The Entanglement between Gesture, Media and Politics.” Artists, performers, media and cultural scientists participated in an exchange of questions, methods and research, critically challenging their own approaches and identifying interdisciplinary interests with colleagues in intense, temporally and spatially limited work situations. The resulting works are supplemented by works of guest artists representing important references in the research process, while also incorporating significant aspects for the examination of gestures. The compilation of works clearly shows that the presence in media of protest gestures is woven into a complex struggle for attention. In the “attention economy,” protest gestures must be analyzed against a socio-economic backdrop. It can thus be assumed, somewhat polemically, that the “policing [of] the crisis” (Stuart Hall et al.) of the Margaret Thatcher era has entered the age of its commercial exploitation. Artists participating in the exhibition: Larry Archiampong & David Blandy, Jakob Argauer, Florian Bettel, Dina Boswank, Justine A. Chambers, Jeremy Deller, Timo Herbst, Kerstin Honeit, Irina Kaldrack, Silas Mücke, Marcus Nebe, Tobias Schulze, Konrad Strutz, Baha Talis, Nasan Tur, Laurie Young. Curated by Florian Bettel, Dina Boswank, Timo Herbst, Konrad Strutz and Laurie Young. The spatial staging was developed through a process of critical discourse with Alexander Koch.


2018-12-07 19:00

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  • Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin, Deutschland
  • Berlin
  • Deutschland

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