Critique of game production – The example of amateurs

Guest Lecture


Florian Bettel , Ernst Strouhal


  • 09 January 2023– 13:30– Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien, Wien, Österreich (seminar room 24)


Cultural History, Cultural Studies, Game Research, Amateure, Kalter Krieg


The guest lecture by Jaroslav Švelch is part of the seminar »Homo Ludens« (organised by Florian Bettel and Ernst Strouhal). Jaroslav Švelch is an assistant professor at Charles University, Prague. He is the author of the recent monograph »Gaming the Iron Curtain: How Teenagers and Amateurs in Communist Czechoslovakia Claimed the Medium of Computer Games« (MIT Press, 2018). He has published work on history and theory of computer games, on humor in games and social media, and on the Grammar Nazi phenomenon. He is currently researching history, theory, and reception of monsters in games. For more information visit Jaroslav Švelch’s website:


Švelch, Jaroslav



  • Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien, Wien, Österreich
  • Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2
  • 1010 Wien
  • Österreich

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