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  • 06 October 2021– 15:20–16:10 Vienna, Austria (48.20991181011056, 16.38087796259378)


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voice recording, transcribing

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Please visit: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/1381652/1386741


I am reflecting in the same space that the notation was generated, the Main Hall, Alte Postsparkasse, Vienna. The space is quite busy as there are a number of individuals are installing something in a nearby space and there are many sounds related to this activity. The doors of the space are open and people pass in and out.

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caption of artifacts of notation: sound recordings, transcription. / notes related to the practices of reflection of "verbally thinking aloud" (recorded) which is later transcribed: this practice, of “verbally thinking aloud” I was exploring whether/how the activity of thinking-in-action that I have been interested in within a practice that I call ‘conversation-as-material’ could be adapted as a solo practice (without the with-nessing of a conversational partner).

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Kassenhalle, PSK building

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  • Vienna, Austria
  • Vienna
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