Pente Grammai - Altes Spiel, neue Erkenntnisse



Wenzel, Sebastian , Klemens Franz,

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Flying Kiwi Media GmbH, Dollerup, SH, Germany, 03 August 2021


Spiele, Cultural Studies, Sociology of Culture, Educational Research, Game Research



During the Battle of Troy, Achilles and Ajax passed the time between the battles with Pente Grammai. At least this is how the Greeks imagined it around 600 BC and painted the game situation on vase paintings from around 540 BC. Pente Grammai is thus one of the oldest board games known to us today. In my diploma thesis, I investigated the ancient game in a contemporary setting; with 184 Viennese primary school pupils aged six to eleven and a comparison group of 25 adults. The starting point was four versions of a new design of the game. They were created by combining two narratives ("The Journey Across the Sea" and "Who's Faster") with two sets of rules, competition-based and random-based. More background is available at

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0, 99

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German, Din A4, PDF

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