TRANSFER DAMASKUS urban orient_ation

  • Bait Baroudi, Damaskus
Group Exhibition


Kinda Alsayed , Florian Bettel , Christoph Euler-Rolle , Nikolaus Gansterer , Irene Janda , Erfan Khalifa , Peter Kishur , Korinna Lindinger , Barbara Lippe , Irene Lucas , Constantin Luser , Maha Marawi , Angelika Mathis , Verena Rempel , Natalija Ribovic , Helga Schania , Katharina Schendl , Schmidt-Colinet, Lisa , Skhirtladze, Tatia , Wilhelm Steiner , Gabriele Wagner , Stefanie Wuschitz , Cem Yücetas


Simonetta Ferfoglia , Christian Reder

Date, Location

  • 01 May 2003–31 May 2003 Damaskus, Syrien (Bait Baroudi)


Fine Arts, Muhammed Ahmed Faris, Interkosmos


An exhibition at the Postgraduate Center of the Architecture Faculty of the Damascus University in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Kunsthalle Wien. Urban orientation is a project on audio-visual exploration of urbanity on artistic-essayistic perspectives, on transcultural work on symbolic dimensions and facets of social action, as an experimental approach to complexity. The exhibition on the TRANSFER DAMASKUS project shows positions and works that have developed or emerged over the past year since autumn 2002: an urban laboratory for art, context and ideas, initiated by the Institute for Media Art/Art and Knowledge Transfer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and with participants – artists, theoreticians and actors from very different realities – from Damascus, Aleppo, Beirut, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt, Paris, Trieste, Cartagena, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Skopje, Tirana, Izmir, Tbilisi. The laboratory is located in Damascus. The character of the individual sub-projects is participatory, they deal with immanent realities and are not necessarily limited to the art space. The aim of Transfer Damascus is to design and activate binding “third” spaces (Henry Lefebvre) in which power relations can be renegotiated. Concrete results presented in the exhibition are objects, graphics, works in the field of new media, video and design. AQUA_PLAN I–III by Verena Rempel, TRAVELLING by Tatia Skhirtladze, MAPPING THE DIFFERENCE by Nikolaus Gansterer, THE BREATH OF A THOUGHT by Erfan Khalifa, DORI-DORAK, WER IST DRAN? by Christoph Euler, Irene Lucas and Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, UN ADAPTABLE BODIES by Natalija Ribovic, HELMET AND KAFTÁN by Constantin Luser, MOVEMENT by Natalija Ribovic, FALCON by Peter Kishur, Helga Schania and Katharina Schendl, MOHAMMED FARIS: EIN RITTER FLIEGT INS ALL by Florian Bettel and Barbara Lippe, SHOETAXI by Tatia Skhirtladze and Natalija Ribovic, MYRIADS by Irene Janda, “I DON'T WANT TO BE A THIEF”, WEDNESDAY SYMPHONIES by Stefanie Wuschitz and Korinna Lindinger, WEDNESDAY WORLDS by Gabi Wagner, WIEN MITTE by Kinda Alsayed, ANALYSIS OF CROWDING IN DAMASCUS by Amna Ansari, Irina Bussourina, Markus Leixner, Lucas Kulnig, Panagiota Panotopoulou, Rüdiger Suppin, Rupert Zallmann, Lena Nalbach and Yngwe Heinzerling, 365 DAMASCUS_TEXTBOOK by Angelika Mathis, PHOTO FICTIONS by Cem Yücetas, VOICE_SPACE by Maha Marawi and Wilhelm Steiner



  • Damaskus, Syrien
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