Sending passwords on postcards?

  • How the internet works and the basics of secure communication.




  • 15 March 2021– 18:00–20:00 Online


Internet, Communication, IT Security


In this 45min talk we will revisit the origins of the internet and take a look at why IT security folks always talk about postcards when it comes to sending passwords or other sensitive data over e-mail. We will look into the basics of encrypted communication and also highlight issues like tracking, where even encrypted communication cannot guarantee our privacy. Finally, you will get some tips on what you can easily do to increase the privacy of you, your data, and your communication partners. This talk does not assume any prior technical knowledge about network communication or encryption. The intended audience are all users of the internet. There will also be some useful insights for web developers who have not yet engaged with the lower layers of the TCP/IP protocol stack. The meetup was announced here: And the recording is available here:



  • Online

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