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Design in gesellschaftlichem und politischem Kontext

Heng Zhi

2022S, Ringvorlesung mit Workshop, 3.0 ECTS

Design und Diversität

Nargess Khodabakhshi

Design and Diversity: The Dilemma of Creativity and Cultural AppropriationThe development of postcolonial theories in the 1980s to 1990s impacted theoretical debates in design, arts and cultural studies, criticizing the Eurocentric narratives of the history of culture, arts, and design. As a result, institutionalized initiatives and literacy developed worldwide to open up new perspectives for the theory and terminology of… 2021W, Proseminar, 2.0 ECTS

Einführung in Theorie und Geschichte des Design I

Heng Zhi

The Making and Shaping of Design: Between Craft and Automation Since the formation of the modern design disciplines, the predominant technologies have continuously been a driving force behind the conceptualisation, method, and outcome of the design practice. While the industry has striven to develop ever-more powerful tools to advance automation and obtain efficiency, craft has persisted to be a vital… 2021W, Vorlesungen, 2.0 ECTS

Einführung in Theorie und Geschichte des Design II

Heng Zhi

2022S, Vorlesungen, 2.0 ECTS

Kolloquium für Master- und Doktoratsstudierende

Alison Jane Clarke

Delivered in English, the colloquium provides research students with academic guidance on: research protocol; methods; historiographic approaches; specialist guidance in material culture and design history research. 2021W/2022S, Colloquium, 4.0 ECTS

Material Culture I

Alison Jane Clarke

Material Culture I: Design and Dwelling Faculty: Univ. Prof. Dr. Alison J. Clarke | Sen. Sc. Michelle Jackson-Beckett, MA, MPhil *This seminar will be conducted in person unless changes to university regulations require a shift to distance learning. In the era of Covid-19 when people around the world are forced to spend most waking hours at home, the question of… 2021W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Material Culture II

Alison Jane Clarke

2022S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Theorie und Geschichte des Design I

Heng Zhi

The Democratisation of Design: Ideology, Branding, and the Open Design Process Throughout modern design history, democratising good design has been a significant endeavour for generations of designers. From the utopian idea of design for democracy embedded in the early modernist movement, through to the mid-Century functionalist design as a response to austerity and consumer demand, to the ‘democratic design’ campaign… 2021W, Proseminar, 3.0 ECTS

Theorie und Geschichte des Design II

Heng Zhi

2022S, Proseminar, 3.0 ECTS