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Design in gesellschaftlichem und politischem Kontext

Heng Zhi

‘Design in Political Context’ introduces students across the design disciplines to international leading ideas and voices in the field of anthropology, curation, design writing, design history and practice exploring “the politics of design” in contemporary context through Zoom based lectures. The SS 2021 series of speakers forms the foundation of Q&A discussion, and the potential reflection on students’ own projects… 2021S, Ringvorlesung mit Workshop, 3.0 ECTS

Design und Diversität

Elena Shapira

Body Matters – Design, Medicine and Gender in Viennese Modernism Staging “the body” played critical role in modern design and art in Vienna in the first half of the twentieth century. Designers and artists featured “the body” - theirs and others as central to their Weltanschauung. This course examines how design and art fashioned and performed the gendered/ de-gendered and… 2020W, Proseminar, 2.0 ECTS

Einführung in Theorie und Geschichte des Design I

Björn Franke

This lecture examines the role of the visual in human communication and in understanding the world. In Visual Culture Studies, visuality is understood not only in the form of images, but as a fundamental visual constitution of thinking and access to the world. Images, in a broader sense, play a central role here, as they increasingly shape the private, public… 2020W, Vorlesungen, 2.0 ECTS

Einführung in Theorie und Geschichte des Design II

Heng Zhi

The Making and Shaping of Design: From 1950 to the Present This lecture gives an introduction to some of the key epochs and movements of design history from the post-war period till today. Offering a wide range of insights into the work and the design processes of designers and design collectives such as Charles and Ray Eames, Dieter Rams, Ettore… 2021S, Vorlesungen, 2.0 ECTS

Material Culture I

Alison Jane Clarke

Design For All: Exploring Accessibility in 20th-century European and American Design *Until further notice this course will be conducted online. Attendance at the first meeting is required. Only registered students may attend the course meetings. Scientific seminar (SEW), 4.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, 2020W Faculty: Prof. Dr. Alison J. Clarke MA (RCA) Michelle Jackson-Beckett, MA, MPhil This seminar explores twentieth-century… 2020W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Material Culture II

Alison Jane Clarke

#Throwback: Topics in Revivalism and 20th-century Design and Material Culture Faculty: Univ. Prof. Dr. Alison J. Clarke | Sen. Sc. Michelle Jackson-Beckett, MA, MPhil *This course will be conducted via Zoom and the online learning system Canvas. All students must register for a free Canvas account in order to attend the course. Detailed instructions for setting up a Canvas account… 2021S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Privatissimum für DissertantInnen

Alison Jane Clarke

Individual supervision for registered doctoral candidates in design history & theory 2020W/2021S, Privatissimum, 2.0 ECTS

Seminar für Masterstudierende und DiplomandInnen

Alison Jane Clarke

Individual tution for Master and Diploma students for academic work  2020W/2021S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Theorie und Geschichte des Design I

Björn Franke

Ethics is the philosophical foundation for a good life and asks what makes a good life. A key part of a good life is making the right decisions at the crucial moment. This requires on the one hand experience in dealing with such situations and on the other hand foresight to be able to estimate the consequences of their own… 2020W, Proseminar, 3.0 ECTS

Theorie und Geschichte des Design II

Heng Zhi

Design Culture between Icons and the Mundane The majority of mainstream design history lays its focus on iconic design objects and stories about great designers as ingenious individuals. The human world, however, is more often than not filled with anonymous and mundane objects that equally produce meanings and constitute our material culture. This course locates design within the apparent dichotomy… 2021S, Proseminar, 3.0 ECTS