• Spielregelbuch


Margarete Jahrmann , Max Moswitzer

Publisher, Location, Date

Ludic Society, Wien, Österreich, 20 November 2016


Künstlerbuch, Spielbuch


A Void Command Control. An Instructively Empty Book of Game Rules A VOID mission A VOID as artefact injects, induces, relumes and plays with the philosophical condition of the potentiality and emergence of world. Each and every A VOID act incorporates a reality play condition. It expands and meanders from rules of play as methodological constraint to Real Play as action beyond the book. A VOID collects initiators and detonators of play, science theory, ’pataphysics, jouissance, tones of nuissance and nudity. The bookcase reflects all mantled in lacquer – the book has to be closed! This book is best decoded with the help of the Void Book Companion, ed. Ludic Society 2016. --> http://ludic-society.net/download/preview-LS_manual.pdf

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