I want to see Happy Monkeys

  • Ai Installation and Game performance


Margarete Jahrmann , Glasauer, Stefan


Eva Fischer

Date, Location

  • 16 January 2020–16 February 2024


Face recognition, emotion recognition, transparent AI, noise performance, gallery game, Spiel, Spielforschung


This installation was newly developed for the exhibition POST DIGITAL NAVIGATIONS at the ANGEWANDTE INNOVATION LAB (AIL) in 1010 Vienna in January 2020. Margarete Jahrmann & Stefan Glasauer I WANT TO SEE HAPPY MONKEYS. Multimedia installation, Deep Dream Neural Network, AI Emotion Classification and Face Recognition Software, Vienna, 2020 NEWly found footage: TnX dear friend! Unseen and unpublished videos of the 2020 AIL live performance of different emotional states (Thomas Wagensommerer Sound patch, Stefan Glasauer live data from emotional states, Margarete Performance on examination couch and game mechanics) classified by an Deep Dream AI – “I want to see HAPPY monkeys” ! Tnx to Eva Fischer for the opportunity to show at the Post Digital exhibition… and perform according to Ludic ruleZ!

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Published By: Margarete Jahrmann | Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien | Publication Date: 08 February 2024, 13:13 | Edit Date: 08 February 2024, 13:27