interdisciplinary bachelor programme, 8 semesters (240 ECTS)
53 courses

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The World in Change. Introduction to Societal Transformation Processes

Boris Buden

Does the Future Speak a Foreign Language? The course focuses on transformations of our linguistic praxis and knowledge production in the context of globalization and rapid technological advance in major fields of economic production, scientific research and communication. It will ask how global capitalism rearticulates linguistic hierarchies and hegemonies? In this context we will detect and discuss the processes of… 2018W, Lecture and Discussion

Theory matters if...

Florian Medicus

Theoretical discourses while walking through the city. 'Applied strolling' + meeting some relevant architects and artists 2019S, Seminar

Understanding Human Rights in Practice

Manfred Nowak

Understanding Human Rights in Practice Lecture and Discussion in the context of „Cross Disciplinary Strategies“, 2. Semester/Spring 2019 Curriculum This course aims at discussing with the students a number of case studies and current challenges on the basis of working groups and papers to be written and presented by the students. 1. Introduction and preparation of a simulation of court… 2019S, Lecture and Discussion

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