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Raum und Konstruktion

Karin Raith

Construction is both an instrument for producing spaces and objects and a means of artistic expression - a sort of language. The course imparts basic knowledge of the syntax and vocabulary of this language and deals with key construction principles applicable to physical objects of various sizes (architecture, furniture, articles of daily use). Which physical and geometrical laws are to… 2018W, Vorlesung und Übungen

Society in Motion

Anton Falkeis

Society in Motion PENDULUM ALPINE RHINE VALLEY Everyday commuting about Liechtenstein 2018W, Workshop

Special Topics in Architecture

Anton Falkeis

URBAN CHANGE _ NEXT CITY Discussing Multiple Urban Futures Special Topics in Architecture focuses on the theoretical and practical implementation of interdisciplinary research strategies in the design process – in the spirit of research by design. The issues addressed range from theoretical proposals such as the Floating City to strategies of materiality and material speculation. From the Aspects of Space… 2018W/2019S, Seminar

Strategy of Communication

Wojciech Czaja

2019S, Seminar

Strategy of Realization

Gregor Eichinger

About Shadows 2019S, Seminar

Structural Design A

Klaus Bollinger

INTRODUCTORY SESSION WEDNESDAY 10th OCTOBER AT 11:00 IN SR 2 If you want to attend this class, presence at introductory session is required ! This seminar will teach knowhow in integrated design through advanced structural - constructive, art and architectural historical as well as technological analysis of built references (Case Studies). It will emphasize on the successful combination of design… 2018W, Seminar

Structural Design B

Klaus Bollinger

Please join the Introductory session on Wednesday 13th March @ 11am in Seminarraum 2. Participation at the introductory session is mandatory if you intend to pursue this class. This seminar will teach knowhow in integrated design through advanced structural - constructive, art and architectural historical as well as technological analysis of built references (Case Studies). It will emphasize on the… 2019S, Seminar

Structural Design Integration

Andrei Gheorghe

2018W/2019S, Seminar

Structural Design Integration B

Klaus Bollinger

Structural analysis and detailing of the studio project, creation of a parametric 3D model, virtual simulations of loads and corresponding impact on the engineering design, control of plausibility, possibly rough pre-dimensioning, physical models, digital representation of the results for publications. 2018W/2019S, Projektübungen

Techniques and Tools for Computational Modeling

Clemens Preisinger

This seminar deals with the application of numerical simulation methods and the fundamental concepts on which they build. The focus lies on structural analysis. After an introduction into the basic concepts of computer programming it will be shown how these can be used to write custom simulation code. 2019S, Seminar

Theory matters if...

Florian Medicus

Theoretical discourses while walking through the city. 'Applied strolling' + meeting some relevant architects and artists 2019S, Seminar

Theory of Architecture: Integrative Concepts. Diploma Preparation

Sanford Kwinter

Integrative Concepts (historical and theoretical foundations for design propositions). 2018W/2019S, Seminar

Theory of Architecture: Problems in Knowledge and Design 1

Sanford Kwinter

“Materialism(s)” 2018W, Vorlesungen

Theory of Architecture: Problems in Knowledge and Design 2

Sanford Kwinter

Ontology 2019S, Seminar

Theory of Living Spaces

Andrea Börner

SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY Drawing from a genre that may be coined speculative documentary the course puts emphasis on developing a sense of reality that resides within and beyound the factual and narrative of how inhabitable space can be seen, described, analyzed and envisioned. Based on the movie The Wild Blue Yonder by Werner Herzog (2005), in 10 chapters we will… 2019S, Seminar

Tragkonstruktionen - Industrial Design

Florian Medicus

Introduction into structural design with respects to requirements and interests of industrial design 2018W, Vorlesung und Übungen

Urban Strategies Integration

Andrea Börner

Urban Strategies Integration provides the framework for thesis articulation with an expertise focus on the respective subject. In individual meetings students will be guided through the process of formulating a hypothesis and anchoring the argumentation for their projects. The work progress will be reflected in feed-back and dialogue, as much as in group discussions at crucial moments during the process… 2018W/2019S, Seminar

Urban Strategies and Theory of the Landscape

Andrea Börner

ONCE UP ON A TIME... Every spatial manipulation of a given environment triggers changes of an existing, complex system of mutual dependencies. As the natural and cultural environment is constituted by manifold reciprocal relationships between material and immaterial conditions, the particular temporal, geographical and socio-political situation make up the specific framework for adopting change. By means of selected examples, common… 2018W, Seminar

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