Language Game Lab

  • Berlin
Book Presentation


  • 21 January 2023– Berlin, Deutschland (Galerie Crone Berlin)


Performance, Art Theory, Philosophy, Drawing, Talk


In the context of Nikolaus Gansterer’s exhibition Strange Wor(l)ds at Galerie Crone Berlin, Fasanenstrasse 29, a book presentation in collaboration with Motto Books will take place on 21 January 2023. The afternoon begins at 4 pm with a discussion between Nikolaus Gansterer, Klaus Speidel and the drawing expert Jan-Philipp Frühsorge. Afterwards, Gansterer and Speidel invite you to the first Berlin Language Game Lab, in which they will work with drawings and objects based on a remark by Ludwig Wittgenstein, resulting in an installation that takes up the methodology of “Playing with Ludwig”. Galerie Crone, Motto Books and Éditions Dilecta cordially invite you to attend.

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  • Berlin, Deutschland
  • Berlin
  • Deutschland

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