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Nikolaus Gansterer , Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien


  • 06 October 2023– Berlin, Deutschland (ICI Berlin - Institute for Cultural Inquiry Berlin)




"An Atlas of Spatial Figures" is the title of a forthcoming book edited by urban anthropologist Ignacio Farías (Berlin), sociologist Silke Steets (Nürnberg), and visual artist Nikolaus Gansterer (Vienna) for the research cluster "Re-Figuration of Spaces", SFB, Berlin. It addresses methodological questions of how current interdisciplinary research can be designed to ‘figure out spaces’ and analyze the contemporary refiguration of spaces. ‘Figuring out spaces’ is an intellectual and artistic practice of exploring, describing, and visualizing spatial figures that shape how we live, work, and dream. It entails moving between (more concrete) topographic and (more abstract) topological figures of space. It combines conceptual work and methodological reflection with storytelling, visualization, and choreographic translations. The performative book presentation at ICI (Institute for Cultural Inquiry) Berlin in the framework of the symposium "Spatial Figures in the Anthropocene" includes a collection of spatial stories, each drawing on a topographic figure of space as well as sixteen table configurations encompassing drawings, materials, objects and gestures. In this way, four important processes of the refiguration of spaces are illuminated as they are experienced, imagined, and discussed by people, revolving around problems of extimacy, uninhabitability, ferality, and splintering. The lecture performance will be moderated by Hubert Knoblauch. Programme, Symposium "Spatial Figures in the Anthropocene" 5.10.2023 10:00 Welcome and Morning Lecture (Livestream available) Ignacio Farías (Berlin) and Silke Steets (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Spatial Figures in the Anthropocene 11:00 Panel I – The Refiguration of Territories
(Livestream available)
moderated by Ignacio Castillo Ulloa Gastón Gordillo (Vancouver)
Place, Territory, Terrain: A Spatial Triad for the Climate Crisis Alexandra Arènes (Paris)
TERRA FORMA Connectedness: From Territory to the Terrestrial 14:00 Panel II – The Refiguration of Places
(Livestream available)
moderated by Nina Baur Tomás Usón (Berlin)
Beyond Place: Encountering Difference in Disastrous Times Susanne Hauser (Berlin)
Rethinking Place in Architecture, 1980ff. 16:30 Coffee Conversations Theory: Anthropocene and Decolonial Theory
with Marcela Suárez Estrada, moderated by Sung Un Gang
Methods: Speculation as Method
 with Alexandra Arènes, moderated by Jörg Stollmann
 Current Affairs: Mobilities in and of the Anthropocene
with Andrew Baldwin, moderated by Francesca Ceola 19:00 Lecture and Art Installation – Refiguring Botanical Gardens
moderated by Martina Löw Séverine Marguin and Jamie-Scott Baxter (Berlin)
 Mimetic Spaces: Botanical Gardens in a Shifting Conservation Regime Digital Art Installation: Diffracting Natures
(Spatial Refigurations in the Metaverse)
by Séverine Marguin and Jamie-Scott Baxter in cooperation with the artist-architect Lus Constantin Programme, Symposium "Spatial Figures in the Anthropocene" 6.10.2023: 9:30 Panel III – The Refiguration of Networks
moderated by Anna Juliane Heinrich Jennifer Gabrys (Cambridge) online
 Animating Digital Infrastructures: From Networks to Phygitalities Marcela Suárez Estrada (Berlin/Berkeley)
Internet as a Territory: Power and Colonialism in the Digital Era 11:30 Coffee Conversations Theory: Racialized Geographies of Climate Justice
with Gastón Gordillo, moderated by Zozan Baran
Methods: Engaging Indigenous Knowledges
 with Tomás Usón, moderated by Margherita Tess
 Current Affairs: Managing Nuclear Waste
with Susanne Hauser, moderated by Vivien Sommer 14:00 Panel IV – The Refiguration of Routes
(Livestream available)
 moderated by Sezgin Sönmez Christopher Kelty (Los Angeles):
Helicopter, Overpass, Non-target: Figuring Pathways in Los Angeles Andrew Baldwin (Durham)
 Mobility and the Anthropocene: Rethinking the Route via the Planetary 16:30 Panel Discussion – After the Local – After the Global? (Livestream available) moderated by Jochen Kibel
with Martina Löw (Berlin), Philipp Misselwitz (Berlin), Christopher Kelty (Los Angeles) 19:00 Book Presentation and Lecture Performance – An Atlas of Spatial Figures moderated by Hubert Knoblauch 
with Ignacio Farías (Berlin), Nikolaus Gansterer (Vienna), Silke Steets (Erlangen-Nürnberg)

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