Drawing a Hypothesis – Figures of Thought

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Gerald Bast

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Springer Verlag Wien/NewYork; in the series: Edition Angewandte, Österreich, 2011


Digital Humanities, Fine Arts, Transdisciplinary Art




A publication project by Nikolaus Gansterer. Drawing a Hypothesis is an exciting reader on the ontology of forms of visualisation and on the development of the diagrammatic perspective and its use in contemporary art, science and theory. In an intense process of exchange with artists and scientists, Nikolaus Gansterer reveals drawing figures as a media of research which enables the emergence of new narratives and ideas by tracing the speculative potential of diagrams. Based on a discursive analysis of found figures with the artist’s own diagrammatic maps and models, the invited authors create unique correlations between thinking and drawing. The book is a rich compendium of figures of thought, which moves from scientific representation through artistic interpretation and vice versa. Table of Contents: Index of Figures. - Drawing a Hypothesis (Preface), Nikolaus Gansterer. - A Line with Variable Direction, which Traces No Contour, and Delimits No Form, Susanne Leeb. - I Must Be Seeing Things, Clemens Krümmel. - Subjective Objectivities, Jörg Piringer. - Grapheus Was Here, Anthony Auerbach. - Asynchronous Connections, Kirsten Matheus. - Distancing the If and Then, Emma Cocker. - Drawing Interest / Recording Vitality, Karin Harrasser. - Nonself Compatibility in Plants, Monika Bakke. - Hypotheses non Fingo or When Symbols Fail, Andreas Schinner, - Wiry Fantasy, Ferdinand Schmatz. - Reading Figures, Helmut Leder. - Collection of Figures of Thoughts, Gerhard Dirmoser. - Radical Cartographies, Philippe Rekacewicz. - 3 Elements, Axel Stockburger. - Dances of Space, Marc Boeckler. - Collection of Emotions and Orientation, Christian Reder. - On the Importance of Scientific Research in Relation to Humanities, Walter Seidl. - Interpersonal Governance Structures, Katja Mayer. - The Afterthought of Drawing: 6 Hypotheses, Jane Tormey. - The Hand, The Creatures, The Singing Garden & The Night Sky, Moira Roth. - The Unthought Known, Felix de Mendelssohn. - Processing the Routes of Thoughts, Kerstin Bartels. - An Attempted Survey, Section.a. - The Line of Thought, Hanneke Grootenboer. - Strong Evidence for Telon-priming Cell Layers in the Mammalian Olfactory Bulb, M. L. Nardo, A. Adam, P. Brandlmayr, B. F. Fisher. - Expected Anomalies Caused by Increased Radiation, Christina Stadlbauer. - On Pluto 86 Winter Lasts 92 Years, Ralo Mayer. – Appendix: Personalia. Subindex. Index of Names. Colophon. Notices.

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1, 352 p

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Published By: Nikolaus Gansterer | Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien | Publication Date: 09 May 2022, 11:26 | Edit Date: 24 November 2022, 09:26