krieg kuratieren 2018

  • Eine Ausstellung zum Verhältnis von Kunst und Krieg, unheimlichen Allianzen und Möglichkeiten des Widerstands


Baran Çağınlı, Alice Creischer & Andreas Siekmann, Ana Hoffner, Fatoş İrwen, İhsan Oturmak, belit sağ, Songül Sönmez, Hito Steyerl


Date, Location

  • 15 September 2018–23 September 2018 Wien, Österreich (Dessous Gallery)


The exhibit Curating War deals with the question of how war is organized and which forms can be used to display the relationship between art and war in a political exhibit format. The topics discussed within this format are art and the process of (not) coming to terms with war, as well as the relationship between arms trade and production and art institutions. The exhibit also pursues the question of “what to do?” when an exhibit space (in) directly supports con­tin­uities of war policies and censors or disqualifies pieces. Which connections can be made between censorship in art institutions and the con­tin­uities of war? Proceeding from this critique of institutions, a collective and social memory is brought into relation to art. Can art also be considered a social and collective memory? In artistic pieces and round table talks, the exhibit will discuss how historically meaningful spaces, which have been destroyed by war policies, and associated, contradictory politics of memory can be conveyed.





  • Wien, Österreich
  • Vienna
  • Austria
Published By: Ezgi Erol | Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien | Publication Date: 20 October 2023, 07:22 | Edit Date: 20 October 2023, 13:06