AAA Thunder Play


Date, Location

  • 01 February 2021, Online (CIVA festival)


Multiuser Game, Online World


Multiplayer open world game environment in dual play mode: Neuromatic Devices for audiovisual representation of the 5 frequency bands of the brainwave spectrum with consumer EEG head bands, EEG generated mind sculpture, generative brain sound, brainwave object, photogrammetric environment, for live players and NPCs, embracing spatial distance and mental closeness. Live premiered at CIVA Contemporary Immersive Art Festival 2021. The game mechanic implements a stochastic predator-prey model in order to simulate the pandemic situation with which we were confronted with from 2020 – till 2021, at the time of the premiere. After a certain infection time and if there are too many people to close to the Donnerbrunnen, players are randomly set to God mode, which means no more physical weight but flying over the distorted photogrammetry and live concert as well as top view on the central Avatara goddess made out of brain signals. HOW TO USE YOUR OWN CONSUMER EEG DEVICE TO TRANSFORM THE SCULPTURE: You need a Muse EEG device ( compatible with the MindMonitor software (, which runs on iOS or Android devices. Connect your Muse headband with MindMonitor, stream your EEG data over your local Wifi to the Arg_ALT_Artivism_Thunder_Play. In the MindMonitor settings, enter the IP address depicted in the Arg_ALT_Artivism_Thunder_Play app as ‘OSC Stream IP’ and 7000 as ‘OSC Stream Port’. Start streaming and observe how your brainwaves transform the sculpture! ADDENDUM ON EEG INTERFACES USED IN THE PERFORMANCE The sculpture used in the environment is based on a three-dimensional representation of EEG data. This WIREBRAIN was generated through the use of two consumer EEG devices (muse) and a homebrew Matlab App, developed by Stefan Glasauer, during an online connected remote session with a third EEG user. Watch the connected ongoing weekly Friday performance series of Margarete Jahrmann and Stefan Glasauer since march 2020 on the Neuromatic youtube channel!

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