Solo Exhibition

Date, Location

  • 25 October 2019–11 January 2020 Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany, Eschenbachgasse 1, Vienna, Austria


Opening on the 24th of October of the soloshow "tracing (in)tangibles" by Nikolaus Gansterer at Galerie Crone, Vienna, Austria. For his solo show at Gallery Crone Nikolaus Gansterer has transformed the exhibition space into a hybrid of archive, laboratory, and workshop where the possible materialities of thought and perception processes are explored and visualized. A boundless curiosity and insatiable desire for research necessitate Nikolaus Gansterer’s transdisciplinary work, an amalgamation of science, philosophy, music, dance, and fine art.



  • Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany
  • Berlin
  • Germany
  • Eschenbachgasse 1, Vienna, Austria
  • Eschenbachgasse 1
  • 1010 Vienna
  • Austria
Published By: Nikolaus Gansterer | Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien | Publication Date: 09 May 2022, 10:53 | Edit Date: 24 November 2022, 09:14