Solo Exhibition

Date, Location

  • 19 September 2015– Marseille (Frankreich) (MUCEM)


Fine Arts



Nikolaus Gansterer was invited to develop a new performance and installation for the MuCEM - Marseilles (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations) in France. Gansterer’s intricate multi-dimensional diagrams – consisting of objects, words, sounds, floor- and wall drawings are activated into a performance taking place on 19th of September at Mucem in the framework of Resonance Festival. It is the first solo exhibition in France by artist Nikolaus Gansterer. Curated by Samar Khedy.

Published By: Nikolaus Gansterer | Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien | Publication Date: 09 May 2022, 10:18 | Edit Date: 24 November 2022, 09:12