• Solo show Nikolaus Gansterer


Markus Peichl

Date, Location

  • 21 January 2023–04 March 2023 (Berlin)


Drawing, Spatial Installation, Sculpture, Performance


Gallery Crone Berlin cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition 'Strange Wor(l)ds' by Austrian artist Nikolaus Gansterer. On display is a comprehensive series of around forty works in which Gansterer visualizes thoughts, treatises, and theses of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in the most diverse ways. Nikolaus Gansterer belongs to the representatives of the “New Drawing”, who redefine drawing, extend it into space and combine it with performative practices. What distinguishes his work is the content aspect, which he transforms into the formal: in all his works, he refers to natural science, philosophy, literature, poetry, or his own artistic research projects. In the exhibition 'Strange Wor(l)ds', Gansterer shows a new body of work in which he deals with Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s "Philosophical Investigations", (1953). As it is customary for the artist, he translates Wittgenstein’s thoughts and theses on the complex relation between language and reality into new materilisations using a wide array of techniques, methods, and modes of production. However, the word “translating” must not be misunderstood or interpreted as a servile gesture of adaption. When he “translates,” “transfers,” and “transforms” Wittgenstein’s texts into the pictorial, this is not done in the sense of an illustration. Rather, through the act of drawing, he expands them, interprets them, delimits them, gives them a new dimension, a new aggregate state, a new level of reception. On Friday the 20th of January 2023 opening of the solo exhibition "Strange Wor(l)ds" presenting new work by Nikolaus Gansterer at Galerie CRONE, Berlin.


2023-02-20 18:00

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