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Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien , Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities , basis wien Kunst, Information und Archiv , Przyborski, Aglaja


01 July 2017–31 May 2022


Design (Fine Arts), Digital Humanities, Computer Sciences, Cultural Studies, Software Development, Knowledge Management, Science and Technology Policy, Technical History, History of Science


Motivation for Portfolio & Showroom With the data revolution artists and art universities have come to submit to external evaluation criteria and metrics, such as the impact factor. Criteria which mostly originated from other scientific contexts. To the disadvantage of art universities, common activities for artistic researchers such as exhibitions, performances, concerts, etc. are ignored by common CRIS, or, even if they are captured, aren’t weighted as highly by algorithms governing the system, which determine the hierarchy and value of the research entered. After an intensive survey of existing CRIS, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and other project partners decided to endeavour to promote a CRIS that meets the requirements of an art university, is freely available and open source and also ensures that the data belongs to those who produce it. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research approved the application and work on the development of this new and innovative CRIS has been possible since 2017. A radically new approach In contrast to other CRIS available, Portfolio & Showroom is conceived and designed from a user perspective to complement the concerns and work-flow of art university researchers and students. This stands in stark contrast to the other systems designed and conceived to serve institutional needs. The system is split into two applications to give users better control and oversight of their research data. Portfolio acts as a private repository, whilst Showroom is the publicly visible profile, comprising published entries from Portfolio. Features of Showroom such as a Showcase area and the ability to prioritise different outputs on an academic CV, allows the users greater flexibility to curate and digitally exhibit their research as they wish to present it.


Österreich. Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung

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HRSM – Hochschulraum-Strukturmittel 2016



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