Solo Exhibition


Klaus Speidel

Date, Location

  • 25 September 2021–13 February 2022 Amilly, Frankreich (Centre d'art contemporain - Les Tanneries)


Einzelausstellung, Performance


“I can easily imagine someone always doubting before he opened his front door whether an abyss did not yawn behind it, and making sure about it before he went through the door.” (Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical investigations, §84). Since Antiquity, philosophers incessantly imagine strange scenarios to serve their arguments. Often, their “thought experiments” take us to worlds very different from ours, with other social, ethical or natural laws. Rather than full-fledged literary texts, these philosophical scenes, however, remain sketches for the most part, as they are detailed just enough to make philosophical claims plausible. But what happens if we try to turn one of these pure "thought-objects", merely designed for the imagination, into real things or if we try to perform one of the scenes described by a philosopher? Questions like these stand at the beginning of the exhibition imagined by the artist and performer Nikolaus Gansterer together with the curator and theorist Klaus Speidel. Together Gansterer and Speidel playfully develop different figurations to put to the test the theoretical work of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. Their interest in figures of thought is an extension of the research that each of them has developed in the past through different mediums. The figures they develop are about translation and transfer, about how thoughts and words become images and objects and vice versa. The new works will be contextualised with works by Gansterer on the shapes of diagrammatic visualizations and patterns of spatial interactions through performative notation. At Centre d'art contemporain - Les Tanneries, in Amilly, France.



  • Amilly, Frankreich
  • Amilly
  • Frankreich
Published By: Nikolaus Gansterer | Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien | Publication Date: 09 May 2022, 11:47 | Edit Date: 24 November 2022, 09:09