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  • 26 April 2022– 11:11–11:50 Vienna, Austria (48.2114064, 16.3990259)





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sound recording, video recording, writing

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Sound should be edited as a series with silence between the recordings and reproduced through headphones. Simultaneously, the pictures (on a separate paper, on the left) should be seen and text (on a separate paper on the right, side-by-side to the pictures) should be read. https://contingentagencies.net/micro-residency-at-zentrum-fokus-forschung/ https://www.dieangewandte.at/


Calm but unstable. I am surrounded (there is not so much activity right where I am). The sky is grey, heavy. Like this atmosphere. A kind of suspended heaviness, a heaviness without gravitation. As if something dangerous (slightly dangerous) could happen anytime. As if everything would be in a stand-by stand. As if a lot of possibilities (they are there but only as potentialities) could be realized in any moment. Suspended. Waiting.

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I listened through the omnidirectional microphone. I recorded, wrote and photographed when I sense a resonance between what I hear and the atmosphere present to me.

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Rustenschacherallee, Zentrum Fokus Forschung

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  • Vienna, Austria
  • Vienna
  • Austria

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