Situated Museums?

  • Scottish galleries and the decolonisation debate


Contemporary Matters

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Contemporary Matters, Wien, Österreich, Online, 01 December 2020


This article analyses two exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum Dundee (V&A Dundee) and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh (SNPG) as they relate tothe discourse around decolonisation. This discourse, increasingly gaining traction in the British museum sector, investigates the effects of colonialism and its dissolution. These have impacted all aspects of society, and in the case of museums, their agency as knowledge producers and bearers of national identity has been investigated in order to understand how they contribute to the perpetuation or dismantling of colonialism. Scottish museums represent a unique case within this larger issue, as their imperial legacy remains to be thoroughly explored. Furthermore, their stakes in Scottish national identity and relationship to the United Kingdom as a whole has put them at the forefront of British politics.

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2, 129-148

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Published By: Fedra Benoli | Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien | Publication Date: 01 October 2023, 13:53 | Edit Date: 01 October 2023, 13:53