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Malereidiskurse der Gegenwart

Stefan Wykydal

If necessary, the lecture will be held in english. 2022W/2023S, Proseminar, 3.0 ECTS

Master CDC Lab

Christine Böhler

Master CDCLab is a collaborative course where students apply content and strategies from their lectures in cross-disciplinary projects, working largely independently and in small groups. You receive support and training in written expression, technical, artistic and practical implementation. Throughout the semester, workshops, cooperations and presentations take place, discussing cross-disciplinary connections in project work. Course introduction: 6 October, 2 pm We… 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 10.0 ECTS

Master Programme Related Reflection

Christine Böhler

The CDS MA programme allows students to choose their focus of studies to a large extent. Programme Related Reflection (PRR) provides a space for discussion of individual interests with tutors, the topics selected for the master's thesis, and their placement in the context of the CDS MA curriculum. It is an opportunity to reflect on personal development individually and partly… 2022W/2023S, Programme - Related Reflection, 1.0 ECTS

Methodenseminar: Transdisziplinäre Perspektiven, Kritiken und Interventionen

Ezgi Erol

Das Seminar befasst sich mit den methodischen und methodologischen Herausforderungen der kritischen Archäologie, der Cultural Studies und der künstlerischen Forschung. Ausgehend von der entsprechenden Literatur werden im Seminar Diskurs-, (epochenübergreifende) Quellen- sowie Bildanalysen vorgestellt. Situierte Erfahrung, (epistemologische) Ästhetik und Gewalt sowie geopolitische Verortungen sind Konzepte, die im Seminar untersucht werden. Texte und künstlerische Werke, aber auch Archive und Museen sind… 2022W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Methodische Herausforderungen: Erbe und Krieg

Ezgi Erol

2023S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Modern Art: Global Perspectives (Zyklus III)

Eva Kernbauer

This course offers an introduction to the emergence of European Modern Art (1800-1950) in the global context. We will look at the formation of Europe and European Art as cultural entities framed and shaped by political and economic struggle, emerging nationalism, colonialism and global expansion. In distinct chapters, we will examine the transformation of art in the course of Modernism:… 2022W, Vorlesungen, 2.0 ECTS

Naturstudien: Von der Skizze zur Zeichnung- Darstellungsmethodik

Christoph Abbrederis

„sehen lernen“ – „Gesehenes begreifen“ – „in Bildern sprechen“ Studierende lernen Bildinhalte erkennen und analysieren um eine persönliche Bildsprache zu entwickeln. Grundlagen der Zeichnung (Technik, Gestaltung, Anwendungsbereiche) als Vorstufe verschiedener­ visueller Umsetzungen (Storyboard, Layout, Scribble). Der Lehrgang gibt detaillierte Informationen zum Schwerpunkt „Illustration“. Um die ECTS für diese LV in vollem Umfang zu erhalten, ist es notwendig, sich auch bei… 2022W/2023S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 2.0 ECTS

Performance und Raum

Peter Kozek

together with Barbis Ruder LET'S COME TOGETHER AND WAKE UP OUR BODIES AND MINDS The newly adapted APL studio is the base and action space from which individual ideas and concepts are developed and discussed in the group. Somatic practices accompany the individual meetings and prepare us together to activate other modes of perception. In addition, the reference to concrete… 2022W/2023S, artistic Seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Physical Computing

Peter Knobloch

The objective of the lecture is to impart & develop fundamental theories, principles and approaches for the use and development of electrical circuits with microcontrollers or (max. credit card sized) single-board computers. By the means of examples and practical exercises using a Raspberry Pi Zero W the following topics will by gradually developed: History, literature, references Fundamental parts of a… 2023S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 2.0 ECTS

Polemics and Philosophy

Antonia Birnbaum

2023S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Buch und Papier

Beatrix Mapalagama

Die Umsetzung einer Semester- oder Diplomarbeit mit den Geräten und Einrichtungen der Werkstätte Buch und Papier mit persönlicher Assistenz erfordert eine  Anmeldung und Besprechung direkt in der Werkstätte, VZA 7. Die Öffnungszeiten finden sie auf der base. 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Druckgrafik

Attila Piller

Die Zielsetzung der Lehrveranstaltung ist, eigenständige und projektbezogene, serielle Arbeiten zu schaffen mit dem Medium Druckgrafik.Erweiterung der Grundkenntnisse der Papierherstellung, gängige Maßeinheiten von Papier und woher stammen sie, Handhabung der diversen Papierarten, etc.Die eigene Skizzen, Entwürfe und Ideen werden Drucktechnisch vorbereitet bis deren Umsetzung zu Herstellung eines repräsentativen Künstlerbuches in einer kleinen Auflage ermöglicht wird.Es werden alle druckgrafischen Techniken von… 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Holztechnologie

Gerhard Brandstötter

Umsetzung einer Semester- oder Diplomarbeit mit den Einrichtung der Abteilung 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Holztechnologie

Helmuth Fahrner

Realization of semester- or diplomworks with the machinery equipment of the department. 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Holztechnologie

Benno Groer

Umsetzung einer Semester oder Diplomarbeit  2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Holztechnologie

Karl Holzer

Umsetzung einer Semester- oder Diplomarbeit mit den Maschinen und Einrichtungen der Abteilung 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Holztechnologie

Reinhold Krobath

Anhand einer konkreten Aufgabenstellung aus den jeweiligen Klassen/Studienrichtungen, wird eine Projektarbeit gemeinsam mit einem Lehrbeauftragten im Einzelunterricht umgesetzt. 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Keramik 2

Sascha Alexandra Zaitseva

Project Work - Ceramics 2 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Keramische Gießverfahren

Maria Wiala

Project Work - Ceramic Casting Processes 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Keramische Massen, Glasur- und Brenntechniken

Gerald Pfaffl

Project Work - Ceramic Masses-, Glazing- and Firing Techniques 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Keramische Technologie

Alexander Eselböck

Project Work - Ceramic Technologies 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Metall

Roman Hegenbart

Introduction to metal technology, metal science and basic knowledge, basic machine knowledge 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Modell- und Formenbau

Roman Spieß

Project Work - Model and Mould Making 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten - Video

Jan Jancik

Anyone who has an ongoing video project, or is planing to work on a video project in the WS2022/23, can be supervised through this course. Request meeting dates by e-mail, these will be arranged individually. 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Projektarbeiten Coding Lab

Jonas Bohatsch

Students who need help in the field of coding/software art/generative art/generative design/tokenisation/NFT/physical computing/machine learning can come to the coding lab with specific tasks. Projects are then implemented together in individual lessons. 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Somatics, Scores and a Sense of Embodiment

Mariella Greil-Möbius

The Greek word soma means the living body referring to the core of structure and function. An introduction to a range of body mind concepts and somatic practices will activate intuition and sensitivity of the body. Using perception as a tool for empirical observation, directed touch and imagery create an awareness of physical habits and expand the radius of movement… 2022W/2023S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 4.0 ECTS

Strategies of public interventions

Antoine Turillon

From Multidirectional Memory to Multidirectional Moments focuses on exploring how assumptions about memorialization can be questioned and seeks to explore how artistic approaches can contribute to the co existence of different memories in the public sphere without canceling each other out. Here in Austria, most spaces and forms of remembrance share the common characteristic of being bound to a physical… 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 4.0 ECTS

Technology, Work and Organization

Martina Hartner-Tiefenthaler

The course consists of 4 modules: (i) New Ways of Working, (ii) Impact of innovation, (iii) Human-robot collaboration, and (iv) AI and work. In the block New Ways of Working we discuss how information and communication technology (ICT) have changed the organization of work in numerous industries. Changed working modes on the individual workers' level are defined as new ways… 2022W, Vorlesung und Übungen, 3.0 ECTS

Theme in Economics and Politics

Ritam Sengupta

2023S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Theme in Science and Technology

Christina Gruber

"Watery Anthropocenes" This course aims at unfolding the relationships between the increased human impact on Earth and changes in the water cycle. To do so we'll navigate along legal frameworks established to protect aquatic ecosystems, transition zones in the shape of wetlands, and current movements to embrace more-than-human entities and debates about environmental personhood. OUTCOME - Get to know monitoring… 2022W/2023S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Theme in Science and Technology

Katrin Klingan

Where is the Planetary? The Anthropocene is a story about how human activities and the belief systems they stem from have recomposed the planet. Seen from this vantage point, the trenchant colonial violence, the rapid shifts in climate patterns, and volatile geopolitics of the Anthropocene could be understood through the relationships that link local conditions to global systems, converging local… 2022W, Projektarbeit, 4.0 ECTS

Theories and Practices of Cross-Disciplinarity

Christine Böhler

Inter-, trans-, and cross-disciplinarity will be introduced with seminal texts, discussions, and practical examples, setting the ground for cross-disciplinary projects and their conceptualisation. In the seminar, we will look at moments that lead to scientific disciplines and interdisciplinarity. How are facts created? How can we work together with experts? How can artistic methods and strategies be brought into scientific work?… 2022W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Topics in Artistic Strategies

Aurianne Chevandier

Red LED's on and it reads: [rec] Collecting and archiving, a practical exercise of research’s embodiment in social sciences and art. Adressing archive as a process and form rather than a concept, this course consists of a two-day workshop intertwining theoretical inputs and practical exercises to introduce the idea of archival gesture in art practices (collecting and sorting elements, constructing… 2022W, scientific seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Topics in Artistic Strategies

Ulrike Gladik

2023S, Projektarbeit, 2.0 ECTS

Topics in Artistic Strategies

Ulrike Payerhofer

ON SUSTAINABILITY. The term and conept of sustainability and its integration into your practice is at the core of this class. We will look at different frameworks and approaches from diverse parts of the world and re-examine the term critically. Knowledge and practices derived from the arts, sciences and indigenous contexts are the sources of our common journey through the… 2022W, scientific seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Topics in Artistic Strategies - Practice

Astrid Käthe Wagner

Artistic work begins with an impulse, an encounter or stumbling upon something, partly unexpected and sometimes by chance.During the work, decisions are made that lead to very different results and make significant statements with the formats and materials used by the artists.Artworks and artistic attitudes can reflect or raise underlying issues about society, production and distribution, the environment, health, money,… 2022W/2023S, Projektarbeit, 4.0 ECTS

Topics in Artistic Strategies - Theory

Astrid Käthe Wagner

Preparatory talks for students completing their Bachelor's degree and for students who deal with topics from the artistic field as part of the Cross-Disciplinary Strategies programme. The course is intended to provide individual assistance to find solutions in terms of media, material, installation, positioning, etc. as well as further discussion of content-related references to formal aspects and support in the… 2022W/2023S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 1.0 ECTS

Topics in Economics and Politics

Ludwig List

'Inequality in contemporary capitalism' One of the most important topics in economics is economic inequality. Over the past 50 years, the gap between the poorest and the richest on our planet has been ever-widening. Poverty, but also wealth, endangers the cohesion of society. Concentration of wealth implies a concentration of power and the and the associated opportunities to undermine democratic… 2022W/2023S, scientific seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Topics in Economics and Politics

Manfred Nowak

Following the CDS annual theme, this seminar will address whether there is a human right to energy under international and regional human rights law. The seminar will introduce students to human rights framework that applies to a right to energy, including development, an adquate standard of living, housing, health and wellbeing, and others. It also addresses the rights of future… 2022W/2023S, scientific seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Topics in Philosophy

Boris Buden

The birth of a discipline: Area Studies and its weird object. Area Studies is a child of the Cold War. It was conceived in the United States after the WW2 out of collaboration between philanthropic foundations, the US government, universities, the military, and intelligence agencies. The idea behind the creation of this new type of interdisciplinary studies was generated by… 2022W/2023S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Topics in Science and Technology

Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Urban design and energy In the face of global warming and the recent energy crisis solutions have to be found quickly that enable us to reduce the impact of human life on the planetary resources. Urbanisation is one key element, but cities require new measures to improve their ecological impact and remain a livable place. We will discuss inhowfar these… 2022W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Topics in Science and Technology

Tanja Traxler

Electrified: The Science of Energy Production While science has provided diverse paths for producing and distributing energy, these technologies are never neutral: how, why, and when energy is being produced has major ecological, political, and economical consequences. In this seminar, the science behind different means of energy production will be closely reviewed and cross-disciplinarily explored. Risks as blackouts and nuclear… 2022W/2023S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Video: Post-production tools 1

Jan Jancik

Introduction to working with DaVinci Resolve, no prior knowledge required. All functions and a professional way of working with the essentials of the editing program will be taught using examples. From the first steps in Resolve and how to create a project correctly, what relevance frame rates, codecs and resolutions have, to color grading and the use of transitions, effects… 2022W/2023S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 2.0 ECTS

Vom Paläolithikum zum Spätmittelalter (Zyklus I)

Edith Futscher

Die Vorlesung soll eine Orientierungshilfe im weiten Feld der künstlerischen Äußerungen von der Prähistorie bis hin zum Spätmittelalter darstellen. Es wird ein Überblick gegeben, es werden Grundfragen visueller Zeichensetzungen und unterschiedliche Funktionen des Gestaltens besprochen werden. Es sollen die Gebrauchsweisen und der jeweilige Stellenwert etwa von Bildern, von Ornamentierung, von monumentalen Anlagen oder kleinen Dingen in unterschiedlichen Kulturräumen, es soll… 2022W, Vorlesungen, 2.0 ECTS

Was brauchst du? oder_die Güte der Gewohnheit

Eva Maria Stadler

was brauchst du was brauchst du? einen Baum ein Haus zuermessen wie groß wie klein das Leben als Menschwie groß wie klein wenn du aufblickst zur Kronedich verlierst in grüner üppiger Schönheitwie groß wie klein bedenkst du wie kurzdein Leben vergleichst du es mit dem Leben der Bäumedu brauchst einen Baum du brauchst ein Hauskeines für dich allein nur einen… 2022W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Web Design 1

Naemi Luckner

Das Ziel dieser Lehrveranstaltung ist eine Auseinandersetzung mit gängigen Technologien die die Basis zur Konzipierung und praktischen Umsetzung von Webseiten darstellen. Es werden HTML und CSS Konzepte vorgestellt und anhand von praktischen Beispielen erlernt. Ziel ist die Vermittlung von Basiswissen, um vertiefendes Selbststudium zu ermöglichen. Für diese Lehrveranstaltung sind keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig.Es gibt keine Vorbesprechung! Die Lehrveranstaltung wird in 6… 2022W/2023S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 2.0 ECTS

Web Design 2

Naemi Luckner

2023S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 2.0 ECTS

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