6 courses
DissertantInnenseminar (Doktoratsstudium Künstlerische Forschung)

Margarete Jahrmann

Artitic research PhD supervision Doktoratsstudium Künstlerische Forschung individual artistic research projects are reviewed and discussed with the PhD candidate. The aim is to recognize the significance of the artistic research approach in the arts . Individual specific questions and a review of the actual status quo of theories of artistic research will inform individual concepts of the participants in order… 2020W/2021S, Seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Internal Colloquium

Margarete Jahrmann

Being keen to undertake and implement artistic research in this PhD programme not only in the contents but also in the formats, another experience based experimental discourse format is introduced for the upcoming session. The Internal Colloquium in SS2021 will be held online via ZOOM. Overall, we offer a new form of discourse in subgroups online. This is based on… 2020W/2021S, Konversatorium, 1.0 ECTS

Perspective Research - From the idea to the research proposal

Alexander Damianisch

2020W/2021S, scientific seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Public Colloquium

Margarete Jahrmann

The aim of the Public Colloquium is to provide an opportunity for the PhD candidates to present the progress and current development of their research projects. The presentations serve to illustrate the continuous artistic research practice whereby development is made comprehensible through the consideration of reflexive forms of documentation and the possibility to integrate existing elements of the work. 2021S, Konversatorium, 4.0 ECTS

Theory and Practice of Artistic Research I

Margarete Jahrmann

Theory and Practice of Artistic Research I This seminar on methodologies of artistic research addresses arts, science and epistemic things. Stemming from an arts-based analysis the future of emerging strategies, technologies and cultural techniques of insight is discussed. But how can we consider performative practice and installations as experimental systems in order to generate artistic artefacts as epistemic objects, how… 2020W, Seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Theory and Practice of Artistic Research II

Margarete Jahrmann

artistic artifacts as epistemic objects? This is core to artistic research. Where is the significance of a wide variety of research questions and topics in art research that seesaw between outer space and inner world? Reacting to changing social conditions is a basic mechanic of art. It uses emotio-political effects for the purpose of enlightenment. Here, it is helpful to… 2021S, Seminar, 2.0 ECTS