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DissertantInnenseminar (Doktoratsstudium Künstlerische Forschung)

Margarete Jahrmann

The aim of the Internal Colloquium is to secure the option for an exchange in which doctoral students provide information on the current stage of their research work. In order to gain more in-depth knowledge about the artistic research projects, each PhD candidate is asked to prepare a presentation. The purpose of the presentation is to share the inspiration, selected… 2019W/2020S, Seminar

Internal Colloquium

Alexander Damianisch

2019W/2020S, Konversatorium

Perspective Research - From the idea to the research proposal

Alexander Damianisch

How do I present my project idea in such a way that I do not just convince myself? The focus is on the development of proposals for and within the art and research (funding) landscape of Austria. Artistic research will be given special consideration. The participants will examine and develop own ideas in the direction of an application over the… 2019W/2020S, scientific seminar

Public Colloquium

Alexander Damianisch

2020S, Konversatorium