4 courses
Architekturentwurf I-V

Greg Lynn

Our mission is to engage contemporary culture and technology with architecturalinnovation in order to create new spatial experiences and invent new buildingtypes. Our studio embraces diversity and our students come from all placesaround the globe uniting knowledge and cultures in an intense studioenvironment.Our vision is to educate designers as thought leaders representing civic societyand a quality sustainable built environment. Our… 2021W/2022S, Künstl. Einzelunterricht, 15.0 ECTS

Phygital Staging

Kaiho Yu

In this seminar, we will investigate the digital and analog artifacts of architectural representation through theory and visual studies. By arranging a series of discussions on representation, abstraction, model, analog, digital and camera, the aim is to develop techniques and discourse around contemporary architectural theory and art practices. Representation, in different paradigms of architecture, is driven by ideologies and instruments,… 2022S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Privatissimum für DissertantInnen

Greg Lynn

The PhD program in Architecture offers an academic degree to scholars with the proven capacity for original specialized research in architecture, and the ability to achieve eminence in the field. Applicants should have completed a first professional degree in architecture (a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree or a professional Master of Architecture degree), should be able to demonstration clear communication… 2021W/2022S, Privatissimum, 4.0 ECTS