3 courses

Gerhard Prikoszovits

The course Tissue Technology covers all technical and mechanical skills which are necessary for the production of a shaft tissue. The weaving of the patterns takes place in the course of the lessons on site. In addition, the designing and technical presentation of tissues are mediated. In the development of personal projects, depending on the objectives and requirements, all available… 2021W/2022S, Übungen, 2.5 ECTS

Künstlerische Technologie / Experimenteller Siebdruck

Gabriele Amon

During the seminar students become familiar with the complexity of experimental textile screen-printing and learn how to use this technicque individually. With the development of individual projects, according to different targets and demands, all available resources can be used specificallly as well as experimentally to gain new insights and achieve divergent results. For the realization of future individual projects and… 2021W/2022S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 2.0 ECTS

Künstlerische Technologie / Textilsiebdruck

Ute Huber-Leierer

On the basis of individual projects, the creation of print templates through to the different possibilities of textile screen printing in theory and practice is taught in INDIVIDUAL lessons. The focus is on the use of larger format (110 x130cm printable area) printing templates. 2021W/2022S, Vorlesung und Übungen, 2.0 ECTS