8 courses
A.K.A. — Avtara, Games for Non-Humans and Open Worlds on Stage.

Max Moswitzer

2022S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Embodied structures — Genderplay? A possible collaboration on Avatarik.

Eva Fischer

In this seminar we are interested in the virtual body and want to explore how the digital can change our understanding of the body. During the semester, we plan to develop a collaborative project on genderplay and avatarics and present the result of our work during the CIVA Festival 2022. February 18-26, 2022 We will look at how the body… 2021W, scientific seminar, 2.0 ECTS

Experimental Game Cultures - Projekt

Margarete Jahrmann

The goal of the Artistic core subject is to develop a deeper understanding of the essence of "EXPERIMENTAL GAME CULTURES". Within the colllegium the planned master projects should be presented, discussed, deepened and developed - possibly even tested in a kind of prototype - and lead to discursive adequate reflection and "game analysis" of the individual artistic work. Based on… 2021W/2022S, Künstl. Einzelunterricht, 8.0 ECTS

Experimental Game Engines: Prototyping, Development, Intercommunication

Georg Luif

This course explores the fundamentals for building creative prototypes to answer artistic research questions, developing ideas further into stable applications and interfacing your projects with other languages (such as Python). Through examples and practical exercises we will develop a basic knowledge of working with Game Engines as well as how we can use them more experimentally. The language of the… 2021W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Experimental Game Mechanics

Thomas Wagensommerer

Conventional game mechanics can be described as “rule-based methods for agency in the gameworld, designed for overcoming challenges in non-trivial ways.” (Sicart, M. A. (2016a). Mechanics. In H. Lowood & R. Guins (Eds.), Debugging Game History: A Critical Lexicon. (pp. 297–304). MIT Press) This course aims to reflects on strategies to approach, research, evaluate, create and define experimental game mechanics… 2021W, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

From Mainframe to Metaverse: Hands on Game History in Art, Technology, Society

Jogi Neufeld

„The medium is the massage“ (Marshall McLuhan) The course massages the sensorium for the history of the "leading medium of the 21st century" (Eric Zimmerman). First trials with new technologies at American universities, early mass products, the golden age, artistic and economic diversification and democratisation are explained and hard- and software milestones can be physically tested. The technical, cultural, economic… 2021W/2022S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Homo Ludens – Geschichte und Gegenwart des Spiels

Ernst Strouhal

Spiel gehört zu den elementaren Kulturtechniken der Menschheit. Keine Kindheit war je ohne Spiele, keine Gesellschaft ist vorstellbar ohne sie. Im Zuge der Digitalisierung sind Spiele zu einem global player der Kultur- und Freizeitindustrie geworden: + Mit Spielen werden derzeit höhere Umsatzzahlen erzielt als mit Filmen oder Musik – mit eminenten gesellschaftlichen und sozialen Folgen, + Digitale Spiele sind nicht… 2021W/2022S, scientific seminar, 4.0 ECTS

Homo Ludens – Past and Present of Game and Play

Florian Bettel

The Konversatorium is aimed at the students of the master’s program »Experimental Game Cultures« and is designed as an in-depth format for the seminar »Homo Ludens – History and Present of Games« (together with Ernst Strouhal). In the Konversatorium, game and play are understood as a cultural practice, we trace the cultural-historical roots of play and understand the activity and… 2021W/2022S, Konversatorium, 8.0 ECTS