Machining PRAXIS in Architecture 2

Afshin Koupaei
Architecture, Digital Production
2024S, scientific seminar (SEW), 4.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04513


This course emphasizes using advanced machining technologies in architectural design and making. Utilizing machining not only as a means for making but also as an apparatus for design is at the core of Machining PRAXIS in Architecture. Students will operate based on the knowledge gathered from the individual experiments of MPA-1 for the design, development, and making of a real-scale pavilion. The design task of the seminar is a team-based design (there will be one pavilion as the final project of the semester) and there will be no individual final project for each student. Hence, students will be given time to develop initial ideas and they will work together to form a final project.

The seminar will be held as blocked/full-day sessions. This format proved to accommodate better the requirements of the seminar for Learning, Designing, and making. 

The Block days of the seminar will be scheduled in the kick-off meeting with the presence of all students.

The outcome of the seminar will be part of the Angewandte Festival 2024.

Examination Modalities

Students will be evaluated for the following objectives during the course and as they participate in the process of design+development+making.

1- Machining proficiency: making accurate machining files and employing machines. 

2- Design: Considering the limitations and aspects of making during the design process. Incorporating the techniques and tools of making in the design process.

3- Teamwork, timely delivery of assignments, and communication

4- Active participation

5- Creative problem-solving

6- Skills of making and manufacturing


Requirements :

  • This course is exclusively for those who have participated in MPA-1.  ( see next bullet point for clarification)
  • If you are a student who did not manage to join the MPA-1 or you are from disciplines other than Architecture and wish to participate in this course, please write me an e-mail in advance ( and I will evaluate the chances you may be able to participate.
  • Full proficiency with Rhino and proper knowledge of Grasshopper is required. ( a preliminary grasshopper workshop will be offered outside course hours upon a group request)
  • Competence with RhinoCAM/other relevant CAM software and dexterity in using CNC milling machines (special case at IOA, ISEL)
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptops/computers (co-working or two students on one laptop is not an option). This Laptop/Workstation needs to be present at the location of the course with the participant as they are required to make files during the course hours.
  • Participants should have a Microsoft Windows installed on their computers ( Plug-in requirements )

Key Words

CNC, Design, Manufacturing, Architecture, CAD, CAM, computer-aided manufacturing, Subtractive Manufacturing, Robotic


13 March 2024, 11:30–12:30 DDPLAB Seminar Room, OKP 2.0, 1st Floor , "Kick-off session !" (preliminary discussion)
18 March 2024, 16:00–18:00 DDPLAB , "Grasshopper workshop"
02 April 2024, 16:00–17:00 Online Meeting , "Design discussion"
06 April 2024, 11:30–19:30 DDPLAB Seminar Room , "Robotic Workshop"
14 April 2024, 11:30–16:00 DDPLAB Seminar Room
04 May 2024, 11:30–19:00 DDPLAB Seminar Room

Course Enrolment

From 10 January 2024, 23:52 to 15 March 2024, 18:00
Via online registration

Architecture (Master): Expertise: Instrumentarium: Supplementary Subjects 443/004.99

Co-registration: possible

Attending individual courses: possible