Introduction to Academic Writing

Birgit Peterson
Arts and Society, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
2024S, Vorlesung und Übungen (VU), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04487


In this lecture we experience the phases of an academic writing project step by step:

We start from finding a topic for an individual paper, discuss how to distillate it to a precise focus or research question. Based on this, we learn how to find structure for the writing process as well as for the text product.

Using different strategies of writing and reading in an efficient order, we develop our text product  continuously from a first draft to an final version that fulfils all academic standards.

Throughout the seminar we will cover the following questions:

How to… ?

  • Find a good topic.
  • Distillate a specific research question, theses or hypotheses, or aim for the text
  • build a good structure
  • manage the text production process
  • find and integrate literature
  • design your writing process
  • get a first draft on paper
  • improve content argumentation and structure of your draft
  • integrate feedback
  • How to improve your academic style an fulfil formal affordances
  • How to finalise a text

We will go through these “How To” topics while producing an individual paper, from the first idea to a final text product.


Examination Modalities

The final grade will consist of at least 16 tasks to be completed:

About one half of the tasks (10) will be done throughout interactive methods "in class", the other assignments  (10+) should be completed between the lectures.

To finish this lecture successfully, 6  "in class tasks"  ( compensation of one missing session possible) and 6 assignments.

To achieve grade 1, you should take part successfully in all 8 "in class tasks" ( compensation of one missing session possible) and complete 8 assignments in time.





11 March 2024, 09:30–12:00 CDS Lecture Room
18 March 2024, 09:30–12:00 CDS Lecture Room
08 April 2024, 09:30–12:00 CDS Lecture Room
29 April 2024, 09:30–12:30 CDS Lecture Room
06 May 2024, 09:30–12:00 CDS Lecture Room
13 May 2024, 09:30–12:00 CDS Lecture Room
27 May 2024, 09:30–12:00 CDS Lecture Room , "cancled"
03 June 2024, 09:00–12:00 CDS Lecture Room , "Attention: starts earlier!"
10 June 2024, 09:00–12:45 Seminar room 35 , "Attention: starts earlier, and lasts until 12:45!"
17 June 2024, 09:00–12:00 Seminar room 35 , "Attention: starts earlier!"

Course Enrolment

From 05 February 2024, 00:00
Via online registration

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Master): Study Areas 4-6: Study Area 5: Communication and Cooperation Strategies 569/022.05

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Bachelor): Science and Technology: Foundation: Academic Writing 700/002.11

Co-registration: possible

Attending individual courses: possible