Introduction into Intercultural and Transcultural Collaboration

Michaela Krenčeyová
Art Sciences and Art Education, Transcultural Studies
2024S, Vorlesung und Übungen (VU), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04236


Humans are cultural beings. Our “cultural background” influences our perspective of the world, our relations with others, our strategies in dealing with conflict. But what is “culture” and how should we (re-)conceptualize it to perceive its many dimensions and its contested nature? How can we acknowledge the complexity of identity and the pervasive influence of power relations when we think about inter-/transculturality or interact “across cultural difference”? Linking theory and practice, this course will provide you with a conceptual background for understanding (notions of) culture in relation to debates on inter- and transculturality, diversity, and equality. Drawing on approaches to “cultural proficiency” and “cultural humility”, we will examine the process of developing “intercultural competence” from a critical point of view, challenging simplistic and stereotypical cultural models. Broadening your understanding of “cultural difference” and sharpening your awareness of your own cultural embeddedness as (multi)cultural human beings, the course will support you in developing strategies for inter-/transcultural interactions – including their challenges and contradictions. We will read and discuss selected texts, work with a variety of material and methods (audio-visual media, case studies, exercises, reflection prompts, etc.) and include space for discussing your experiences, examples, and contexts.

Examination Modalities

Preparation of selected readings, submission of written reflections, preparation of short presentation/discussion facilitation for the group, continuous attendance and participation in discussion. 


The class is taking place via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent out in advance to all registered students. 


14 March 2024, 10:00–12:30, "Online via Zoom"
18 April 2024, 09:30–14:30, "Online via Zoom"
10 May 2024, 09:30–14:30, "Online via Zoom"
24 May 2024, 09:30–14:30, "Online via Zoom"
27 June 2024, 10:00–12:30, "Online via Zoom"

Course Enrolment

From 05 February 2024, 00:00 to 04 March 2024, 22:49
Via online registration

Expanded Museum Studies (Master): Electives: Transcultural Studies 537/080.16

Global Challenges and Sustainable Developments (Master): Inter- and Transcultural Collaboration: Introduction into Intercultural and Transcultural Collaboration 565/003.01

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Master): Study Areas 4-6: Study Area 6: Transcultural Studies 569/022.06

Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management (joint programme) (Master): Transcultural Conservation Teaching Workshop: Introduction into Transcultural Communication and Collaboration (Angewandte) 572/021.21

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Bachelor): Economy and Politics: Deepening / Application: Transcultural Studies 700/004.24

Co-registration: possible

Attending individual courses: possible