Laufende Portfolioarbeit

Ricarda Denzer
Art Sciences and Art Education, Art and Communication Practices
2024S, Programme - Related Reflection (SR), 0.5 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S02545


he portfolio is an essential and continuous reflection level of the individual study process. You use it to visualise the different levels of your studies in semester sections, summarise the essential experiences, your individual focus and growth in knowledge in artistic form and present your portfolio in small groups. The resulting joint discussion and reflection on the progress of your studies helps to assess your personal situation and provides orientation for your next focus.

Detailed information on the portfolio can be found in the guidelines on the DEX website under Downloads.
If two subjects are taken at the Angewandte, the portfolios must be kept in one. A portfolio must be prepared each semester and, since it is a reflection on the semester, must always be presented in the following semester (in the BA programme at least 8 portfolios). The lecturers responsible for the ongoing portfolio work are also available for individual consultation during the semester.

Each winter semester, an introduction to the portfolio takes place as part of the DEX WERK_LABOR knowledge; students who do not regularly participate in this course are also invited to attend: next dates: NN

Examination Modalities

In the 1st year of study (G0 phase): Joint presentations at the beginning of the summer semester and at the beginning of the following winter semester (on the first Tuesday of each semester, 16.00).
Next date: 3 October 2023, 16.00 , VZA7, 2nd floor (compulsory date, without registration).

Students from the 2nd year of study onwards should register for a small group appointment with the lecturer responsible for the ongoing portfolio work by e-mail. 

Dates :

In the semester of the commissioned BA examination, the last portfolio will only be presented on the MO before the commissioned examination, 16.00, VZA7, 2.OG (last portfolio + Leporello).

After the presentation, the portfolio has to be handed in digitally to Frank Müller in the secretary's office (the certificate can only be issued after the presentation and the digital hand-in). Labelling of the digital document as indicated in the guidelines.


Kleingruppenpräsentationstermine mit max. 5 Teilnehmer*innen, Anmeldung per mail: Die email-Anmeldung wird bestätigt, bzw. auch bekanntgegeben, ob noch Plätze verfügbar sind und Ort bekannt gegeben.


Di 16. April 12:30h – 14:30 Uhr DKT 3 (Zeitdauer je nach Anzahl der Teilnehmer*innen) (noch Plätze frei) 

Fr 7. Juni  15:45h – 17:45 Uhr DKT 2 (Zeitdauer je nach Anzahl der Teilnehmer*innen) (noch Plätze frei)

Mitzubringen sind das Portfolio im Format 1 x 1 m und das Leporello, das die Portfolios der vergangenen Semester beinhaltet (ausgedruckt je im Format 19 x 19 cm und chronologisch zusammengehängt).

Key Words

Kompetenzanalyse, Reflexion, Vermittlung

Course Enrolment

From 05 February 2024, 00:00 to 30 June 2024, 10:54
Via online registration

Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Portfolioarbeit (kkp): Laufende Portfolioarbeit (kkp) 067/000.01

Art Education: subject kkp (Enhancements study): Portfolioarbeit (kkp): Laufende Portfolioarbeit (kkp) 067/000.05

Art Education: subject dex (Bachelor): Portfolioarbeit (dex): Laufende Portfolioarbeit (dex) 074/000.01

Art Education: subject dex (Enhancements study): Portfolioarbeit (dex): Laufende Portfolioarbeit (dex) 074/000.05

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