Naturstudien: Von der Skizze zur Zeichnung- Darstellungsmethodik

Christoph Abbrederis
Design, Design und narrative Medien
2024S, Vorlesung und √úbungen (VU), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S01171


"Learning to See" - "Understanding what has Happened" - "Speaking in Pictures" Students learn to recognize and analyze image content to develop a personal visual language. Basics of drawing (technique, design, areas of application) as a preliminary stage for various visual implementations (storyboard, layout, scribble). The course provides detailed information on the focus "Illustration". To receive the ECTS for this course in full, it is necessary to also enroll in Illustration , Lecture and Exercises

Examination Modalities

laufende Mitarbeit und Endpräsentation der Arbeiten


Studienrichtung Design, 1. Studienabschnitt

Studierende anderer Studienrichtungen, die das Fach benötigen nach Maßgabe von Plätzen. Bei der Vergabe gilt folgende Reihung:

  1. ordentliche Studierende der Angewandten, die ein Pflichtfachzeugnis Studienplan Design benötigen.
  2. andere ordentliche Studierende der Angewandten
  3. außerordentliche Studierende der Angewandten
  4. Mitbeleger:innen von anderen Universitäten

Course Enrolment

From 05 February 2024, 00:00
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TransArts - Transdisciplinary Arts (Bachelor): Artistic and art technology foundations: Artistic and art technology foundations 180/002.01

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Master): Study Areas 1-3: Study Area 1: Artistic Strategies and Approaches to Art 569/020.01

Design: Specialisation in Graphic Design (1. Section): Artistic Basics: Study of Nature 576/102.02

Design: Specialisation in Communication Design (1. Section): Artistic Basics: Akt- und Naturstudien 577/102.02

Design: Specialisation in Applied Photography and Time-based Media (1. Section): Artistic Basics: Contemporary Artistic Methods 626/102.05

Design: Specialisation in Applied Photography and Time-based Media (1. Section): Artistic Basics: Drawing Techniques 626/102.14

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Bachelor): Artistic Strategies and Approaches to Art: Deepening and Application 700/001.20

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