Architekturentwurf I-V

Efrén García Grinda
Architecture, Architectural Design 1
2023W, Künstl. Einzelunterricht (KE), 15.0 ECTS, 15.0 semester hours, course number S10264


The studio díazmoreno garcíagrinda cultivates a contemporary, plural, non-dogmatic, social-culturally engaged and optimistic approach, while believing in the necessity of radically expanding the fundamentals of architecture. Working as a laboratory and experimental office focused on the entangled relations between architecture and the urban, rather than as a conventional academic design studio, we strongly support a change of paradigm that could challenge the separation of our discipline from the reality surrounding it. 

Only for students of architecturaldesignstudio1 / studio díazmoreno  garcíagrinda!  In case you are interested in an exchange semester in our studio please contact!

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Architecture (Master): Architectural Design: Architectural Design 443/001.01

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