Research methods in humanities

Kristina Pia Hofer
Art x Science School for Transformation
2023W, Übungen (UE), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04962


The goal of this class will be to:

- Understand the differences and confluences in main theory schools as they have been taught in 'Western' institutions since the second half of the 20th century (semiotics, PA, biopolitics/Foucault...)
- Understand how these theories connect to methods employed in the humanities (content analysis, discourse analysis, ethnographic/field work,  ...)
- Understand post/decolonial critique of methods and methodologies
- Understand and apply the process of crafting a research design: indentifying research problem -> choosing theoretical framework -> formulating research question -> choosing apt method
- Connecting among peers through group work and mutual feedback

We will also review and pratice the methods you will use in Monika Halkort's class Cross Disciplinary Project Work.

Examination Modalities

Attendance is mandatory ('prüfungsimmanent'). Your grade will be based on: participation in class, completion of the practical assignments in class (group discussions, writing exercises, close reading and mapping of texts and artworks), and completion of two short written reflection assignments that are to be handed in at the end of the term.


ATTENTION: This course is a co-taching format together with Start Weeks (course number S05012: In order to receive all ECTS points, you have to attend and register at both courses!

Several class dates will be held as joint sessions (i.e., both classes meet at the same time to work together). Concrete joint dates will be announced as soon as possible, pls check back here regularly.

This course is part of the Art x Science curriculum, and will prioritize Art x Science students in registration.

All classes will take place in the School of Transformation Lecture Room 2.


Key Words

methodology, discussion


25 October 2023, 10:15–11:45
10 November 2023, 10:15–13:30
01 December 2023, 10:00–13:30, "This is a replacement for the Nov 28 class. Nov 28 class is cancelled due tio sickness."
15 December 2023, 10:00–14:00, "Joint session with Start Weeks - course S05012"
08 January 2024, 13:00–17:00, "Joint session with Start Weeks - course S05012"
16 January 2024, 09:30–13:30, "Joint session with Start Weeks - course S05012"
18 January 2024, 12:45–15:15

Course Enrolment

From 30 August 2023, 09:51 to 25 October 2023, 23:00
Via online registration

Transformation Studies. Art x Science (Bachelor): Implement! Methods and Tools: Research Methods in Humanities, UE (Angewandte) 162/003.11

Co-registration: not possible

Attending individual courses: not possible