Introduction to Science and Technology

Fabian Fischer
Arts and Society, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
2023W, Lecture and Discussion (VD), 3.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04479


This course aims to provide an introduction to information technology (IT) and forms the entry point to IT-related courses at Cross-Disciplinary Strategies. Given the prevalence and pervasiveness of information technology in our contemporary societies, getting an understanding, including some sense what it means to write software code, can help tremendously to start understanding how IT shapes our everyday lives. Consequently, the focus of the course is mainly on providing an entry point to programming.

Given the scope of this course, the course can only provide a first dive into programming, not comparable to the depth and breadth usually taught at, e.g., a computer science education. If, however, you are interested in deepening your programming skills, die Angewandte offers other courses and facilities (i.e. labs). Details on that will be provided during the course.

This course will use python as programming language. This has several reasons: First, python is relatively approachable for newcomers to programming. Second, python is a versatile language, being used for web development, scientific computing, data science, in machine learning/artificial intelligence and much more. Third, several other courses at Angewandte use python, so it is easy to continue with python in other courses.

Examination Modalities



Students from other study programs or other universities are welcome, provided the room capacity permits.

Key Words

Python, Programmierung, Coding


16 October 2023, 10:00–13:00 CDS Lecture Room , "Introduction: What is programming? What is IT? + Installing an IDE" (preliminary discussion)
23 October 2023, 10:00–13:00 CDS Lecture Room , "Getting started: Variables and data types"
06 November 2023, 10:00–13:00 CDS Lecture Room , "Porgram flow: Conditionals and loops"
13 November 2023, 10:00–13:00 CDS Lecture Room , "Getting sophisticated: Functions"
04 December 2023, 09:30–13:00 CDS Lecture Room , "Getting sophisticated: Objects"
08 January 2024, 09:30–13:00 CDS Lecture Room , "Oopsie: Dealing with errors"
22 January 2024, 09:30–13:00 CDS Seminar Room , "Wrap-up"

Course Enrolment

Until 05 November 2023, 23:59
Via online registration

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Bachelor): Science and Technology: Foundation 700/002.10

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Bachelor): Science and Technology: Deepening / Application 700/002.20

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Master): Study Areas 1-3: Study Area 2: Science and Technology 569/020.02

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