Master CDC Lab

Christine Böhler
Arts and Society, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
2023W, Projektarbeit (PA), 8.0 ECTS, 4.0 semester hours, course number S04089


MA CDCLab is a collaborative course where students apply content and strategies from their lectures in cross-disciplinary projects, working largely independently and in small groups. You receive support and training in written expression, technical, artistic and practical implementation. Throughout the semester, workshops, cooperations and presentations take place, discussing cross-disciplinary connections in project work.

We start the term with a field trip from Vienna to Bucharest, partly by train and bus. How are global challenges present in Romania? How can we engage in exchange and learning with others? This semester's work focuses on collaboration, ecology, research with and through material, working with field recordings, conversations and sounds.

In a cooperation project with, and curated with Livia Panchu and Raluca Voinea, we will travel to collect our impressions, meet people, and discuss themes such as water scarcity, biodiversity preservation, river dams, migration of plant and animal species, sustainable food systems, as well as Romanian art and history and models of collective ownership and self-management.

Each participating journey member collects material items, impressions and ideas. Together, we engage in practice-based research in a socio-political context. Students will start their research individually and in groups during and after the excursion. Consequently, our concern will be to produce a joint product and presentation format.

Before we start our 6-day journey, Julia Grillmayr will teach podcast production in a two-day workshop. After the field trip, the Lab will also connect the Lobau Listening Comprehension project in workshops with Christina Gruber and the Intra project team.

Associated courses and labs:

Examination Modalities


Presentation of a project, research results, realisation and documentation of the work at the end of the semester, regular attendance and contributions.


Individual Term Mentors

Each MA student chooses a mentor to meet and work with over one term (-> Programme Related Reflection, Astrid Wagner). This is a space for discussing individual interests and their placement in the CDS MA curriculum and the Angewandte context, personal development, and topics for the master's thesis. Students should visit the lecture of their term mentor and decide if they will focus on the project track the mentor stands for in their CDC project.


04 October 2023, 09:30–12:30 EF Library; Kontakt Collection @ ERSTE Foundation, Am Belvedere 1 (Hauptbahnhof, S-Bahn Quartier Belvedere) , "9.30 AM Excursion and 2 PM at CDS seminar room" (preliminary discussion)
04 October 2023, 14:00–17:00 CDS Seminar Room
11 October 2023, 14:00–17:00 CDS Seminar Room
13 October 2023, 09:40–21 October 2023, 09:00 Friday, 13 Oct 2023 09.40 h RJX 269 to Budapest - Departure Vienna Hbf/main station , "Field Research"
25 October 2023, 14:00–18:00 CDS Seminar Room
08 November 2023, 14:00–18:00 CDS Seminar Room
16 November 2023, 11:00–17:00 CDS Seminar Room , "Midterms"
21 November 2023, 11:00–15:00 CDS Seminar Room (guest lecture)
22 November 2023, 13:00–15:30 CDS Seminar Room
22 November 2023, 16:00–17:30, "Excursion Kyiv Biennial " (guest lecture)
29 November 2023, 14:00–18:00 CDS Seminar Room
05 December 2023, 10:00–17:00 CDS Seminar Room , "Co-teaching with Karl Salzmann"
06 December 2023, 14:00–18:00 CDS Seminar Room
07 December 2023, 14:00–17:00 CDS Seminar Room
12 December 2023, 10:00–13:00 CDS Seminar Room , "Guest Astrid Wagner"
13 December 2023, 14:00–18:00 CDS Seminar Room
17 December 2023, 11:00–12:00, "First draft version, MA finalists"
10 January 2024, 14:00–18:00 CDS Seminar Room
15 January 2024, 08:00–09:00, "Final version, MA finalists"
17 January 2024, 14:00–18:00 CDS Seminar Room (guest lecture)
23 January 2024, 16:00–17:00 FLUX 1 , "MA Finalist peer review presentation"
24 January 2024, 17:00–22:00 Steindlgasse 2, 1010 Vienna, Cellar , "Term Presentation" (examination)
25 January 2024, 10:00–12:00 FLUX 1 , "MA Thesis Exams" (examination)
25 January 2024, 14:00–17:00 CDS Seminar Room , "Debriefing w/ Faculty"
31 January 2024, 14:00–15:30 CDS Seminar Room

Course Enrolment

Until 14 October 2023, 09:58
Via online registration

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Master): Cross-Disciplinary Capabilities: Cross-Disciplinary Capabilities 569/010.01

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