Technologien/Praxen | Intervention / Partizipation (Workshop)

Barbara Holub
Art Sciences and Art Education, Art and Communication Practices
2023W, artistic Seminar (SEK), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S03635


Praxen - Intervention / Partizipation II (Workshop in Penzing): 1.0 SemStd. [GO]
Registration: online

Participants: max. 15 P.// no preliminary knowledge required
The workshop is connected to the seminar: please register for both, the seminar and the workshop:

Praxen / Grundlagen - Intervention/ Participation (Introduction) 2.0 SemStd. [GO]

Location: Mix Media 2, 3.Stock, VOZ

The workshop will take place in Penzing - based on a study for Public Art Vienna Wien by Barbara Holub/ transparadiso. We will try out first artistic-urban interventions at one of the three locations that could be future focal points for projects for art in public space in Penzing. We will conceive small actions/ urban interventions and artistic objects, which we will use on site.

During the preparation of the workshop we will discuss the following questions: What do we want to achieve in the three sites? How can we activate underestimated qualities of the public space in these sites and possibly link them? How do we want to address the local people and organisations/ institutions?

The workshop will be accompanied by 3 performative walks organised by transparadiso for KÖR Wien/ Public Art Vienna , for which we also invited international artists (see: The participation in these walks of the students is optional, but they will provide an exciting and unusual insight into the district.

The workshop will teach and explore basic skills to engage with artistic practices in public space, based on current topics for a specific urban context.

The students will show the interventions of the workshop in a small exhibition in VOZ 7: here we will try out all steps of an exhibition - from the spatial presentation of the works to a folder with project text. In addition, the projects will be communicated to Public Art Vienna and to the district; and we will look into possibilities for a public presentation of the projects.

We will discuss the exact programme of the workshop.

Dates for the workshop
and  the seminar "Participation/ Intervention"

1) Course dates: Wed, 10:00-12:30: (see detailed list below/ subject to change)

Course location: Mix Media 2/ Room 306; VZA7

ATTENTION: change of first course: on Oct. 11!

(+++ Sat, 7.10.: City walk in Penzing by Boris Sieverts - in the context of urbanize; fully booked!)

Wed, 11.10.: LV 1: Introduction to Participation/ Intervention

+++ (participation optional) Sat, 14.10.:, 14:00-17:00: Workshop und Performance on Ursula Maria Probst ; meeting point: Jugendstiltheater/ Steinhofgründe

Wed, 18.10.: LV 2/ site visit for workshop in Penzing:
Meeting point: in front of the school "Die W@lz", Heinrich-Collin-Straße 9, 1140 Wien

+++ (participation optional) Sat, 21.10.:, 22:00-03:00: Night walk by transparadiso

Wed, 25.10.: workshop in Penzing 1: 10:00-16:00: Meeting point: in front of the school "Die W@lz", Heinrich-Collin-Straße 9, 1140 Wien
Fri, 27.10.: workshop in Penzing 2: 10:00-16:00
Sat, 10/28: Workshop in Penzing 3: 10:00-16:00

Wed, 8.11.: LV 3: Follow-up on workshop + feedback

Wed, 15.11.: LV 4

Wed, 22.11.: LV 5

Wed, 29.11.: LV 6: with Avril Corroon (artist from Ireland)

Wed, 12/6: LV 7: visit of the exhibition of Renate Bertlmann/ Belvedere 21

Wed, 12/13: LV 8


Wed, Jan 10: LV 9

Wed, 17.1.: Submission of projects for final presentation

In the winter semester, the artist Avril Corroon (Ireland) will be a guest at the Angewandte as part of the EU project "SPACEX - Spatial Practices in Art and Architecture for Empathetic Exchange" (; directed at the Angewandte by Barbara Holub). Avril Corroon will give a talk on her artistic practice in Social Design and she will be our special guest on Nov.29.

The interventions of the workshop will be presented in a small exhibition: here the students will discuss how to present the works in the "exhibition space" and install their works.


Examination Modalities

Active participation in the seminar and workshop:
_conceiving and realizing a small intervention in public space
_drawings, sketches of artistic-urban intervention, psychogeographical maps
_documentation of the project
the skills for this will be taught in the workshop

_final discussion + presentation / as small exhibition

Anrechenbar für Lehramt: Studienfach KKP
(Bachelor), 2 ECTS; Workshop, 1 ECTS


Please sign up for both, the seminar and the workshop

Key Words

Partizipation, Intervention, critical spatial practice, Kunstdiskurs, Penzing, Workshop, Stadtspaziergang, dérive, Situationismus, Kunst und Gesellschaft, interventionist art, art in public space

Course Enrolment

From 10 August 2023, 00:59 to 02 November 2023, 22:00
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Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Künstlerische Praxis (kkp): GO: Grundlegende Technologien / Praxen (kkp) 067/001.11

Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Künstlerische Praxis (kkp): FOR: Technologien / Praxen (kkp) 067/001.21

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