Mutationen zeitbasierter Systeme im Raum I

Marie-Claude Poulin
Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art, Digital Arts
2023W, artistic Seminar (SEK), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S02806


"Digitally compatible body-based performance"

This seminar welcomes all students who are interested in combining analog and digital performance as a creator and/or as a performer, or as a collaborator/designer.

Context: Embracing practices and discourses related to performative somatic practices and the digital arts, this workshop stands in the context of post-digitality: where the tools to collect corporeal data are ubiquitous and increasingly available, redefining the field of performance arts; and where the digital arts break out of the confinement of the screen to re-read the space of the real and the field of multimodal perception.

Objective: As a first step, participants will be introduced to the basics of bodily performance. They will quickly learn to rely on solid methodological foundations that will support them in sketching artistic works of performative bodily and digital hybridization, while avoiding the clichés that may be attached to it. The aim is to develop a critical reflection on the artistic potential of intermixing body language and digital media, an asset in the creation of transdisciplinary artworks.

Method and outcome: Each student will be asked to propose a performative idea that will be discussed in class. Practical exercises specific to each participant's concept will be suggested and their completion at home between courses will be required (1 x per month). These assignments will be presented to the group at the next meeting, in order to contribute to the development of a concrete, original, and individual performance project, which will constitute the final result of the seminar.



Examination Modalities

- Attendance and diligent participation in all meetings
- Completion of practical exercises done at home
- Presentation of the assignments to the group
- Presentation of a performance project as the final result of the seminar






- Practical and project-oriented course

- Number of participants limited

Please bring:

- your computer

- comfortable clothes for movement



Key Words

body-based performance, perceptual awareness, composition techniques, digital arts, transdisciplinarity


06 October 2023, 13:00–14:00 Seminar Room 21 (preliminary discussion)
06 October 2023, 14:00–18:00 Seminar Room 21
23 October 2023, 18:00–21:30 Seminar Room 21
17 November 2023, 13:00–18:00 Seminar Room 21
27 November 2023, 18:00–21:30 Seminar Room 21
04 December 2023, 18:00–21:30 FLUX 1

Course Enrolment

From 30 August 2023, 15:25
Via online registration

Design: Specialisation in Applied Photography and Time-based Media (2. Section): Artistic Basics: Contemporary Artistic Methods 626/202.05

Media Arts: Specialisation in Digital Arts (2. Section): Künstlerische Methodik und Technologie digitaler Kunst: Mutationen zeitbasierter Systeme im Raum I - IV 567/202.10

TransArts - Transdisciplinary Arts (Bachelor): Artistic and art technology foundations: Artistic and art technology foundations 180/002.01

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Attending individual courses: not possible