Design Entwurf 1.1

Anab Jain
Design, Design Investigations
2023S, K√ľnstl. Einzelunterricht (KE), 18.0 ECTS, 4.0 semester hours, course number S20490


In the summer semester 2023 in Design Investigations, the topic is Energy Independence. 

Students will learn to create working, tangible, small scale prototypes that demonstrate alternate, enewable energy harvesting, storage and consumption. 

Having gained a technical and material understanding of energy (micro), as well as the wider infrastrutures within which energy currently operates (macro), we will zoom about to imagine and design speculative futures where energy independence has enabled social, economic, political equity and regeneration. 

Key Learnings: 

• Fundamentals of energy (its various forms and principles)

• Building small-scale, fully working energy prototypes

• Wider energy infrastructures 

• Introduction to Speculative Design approach and practices 

• Speculative futures that imagine equitable, regenerative and just energy transitions 

Examination Modalities

The evaluation will take place over the course of the semester, and final exam will take place  in the form of final design presentations to the jury members. 

Course Enrolment

From 23 February 2023, 11:04 to 10 March 2023, 11:04
Via online registration

Industrial Design (1. Section): Design: Design 1.1 580/101.30

Co-registration: not possible

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