Fachdidaktische Forschungstheorien und -methoden (kkp/dex)

Ruth Mateus-Berr
Art Sciences and Art Education, Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education
2023S, scientific seminar (SEW), 4.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04512



At least since the Porto Protocol: https://www.portoprotocol.com/circular-economy-as-a-way-of-increasing-efficiency-in-organizations/ in relation to relationship and environment is in demand. How can you find and implement projects you are burning for in this field? What does relationship mean here in the sense of a Karen Barad? How can this be done in an interdisciplinary team? How can one also earn a living doing this?

The aim of this course is to combine interdisciplinary skills in a sustainable context. This semester, for the first time, this will be done together with students from the New Design University from St. Pölten and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. By means of Applied Design Thinking, students will jointly develop sustainable project ideas in the sense of the circular economy and subsequently design them up to a possible implementation. Selected existing projects are critically analyzed and design management is taught.

In the process, student artist teachers learn about interdisciplinary connections to subject areas such as geography and economics. The goal is to be able to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to these subject areas in order to convey them to students.

In turn, the students of the New Design University will have the opportunity to cooperate in an interdisciplinary way with students of the artistic teaching program in the field of art and design as well as the workshops. The joint work is recorded in a book. This is done in cooperation with the paper workshop of the Angewandte.


New Design University St. Pölten (Department of Management by Design):  Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christoph Wecht

University of Applied Arts Vienna (Center of Didactics for Art and Interdisciplinary Education): Univ.Prof. Mag. art. Dr. phil. habil. Ruth Mateus-Berr

Paper Workshop of the University of Applied Arts Vienna: Mag. Beatrix Mapalagama

Examination Modalities

Abgabe der Seminararbeiten> siehe speziell: Künstler*innenbuch und Präsentation: Termine sind fix einzuhalten: 30.6.2023 / 31.7.2023 / 31.8.2023

  • - aktive Mitarbeit an den Seminareinheiten 
  • - Zwischenpräsentation  (Ergebnisse Dreamer/Critic)
  • - Abschluspräsentation (Realist) 




INFO BA/MA Korrekturen und Endabgaben:

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Key Words

Kreislaufwirtschaft. Design Management, Interdisziplinäre Ausbildung in Kunst und Design, Angewandtes Design Thinking, Interdisziplinäre Fähigkeiten, Kunst- und Designvermittlung, Papierkunst, Künstlerbuch, Vertrauen in den Prozess, Geographie und Wirtschaftskunde, Kunst und Gestaltung, Technik und Design, Bachelor Seminar, Schwerpunkt: interdisziplinär, Circular Economy. Design Management, Interdisciplinary Education within the arts and design, Applied Design Thinking, cross-disciplinary skills, paper art, artist book, trust the process, Geography and economic studies, Art and Design, Technology and Design, BA Seminar, Focus interdisciplinary


07 March 2023, 13:30–15:30 Seminar Room 20 , "KICK OFF vom Zentrum Didaktik für Kunst und interdisziplinären Unterricht "
28 March 2023, 09:30–18:00 Seminar Room 24
17 April 2023, 09:30–18:00 Seminar Room 20
15 May 2023, 09:30–18:00 Seminar Room 20

Course Enrolment

From 31 January 2023, 09:38 to 08 March 2023, 12:38
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Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Fachdidaktische Theorie und Praxis (kkp): FOR: Fachdidaktische Forschungstheorien und Methoden (kkp), SE 067/002.30

Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Fachdidaktische Theorie und Praxis (kkp): IT: Bachelorseminar Fachdidaktik (kkp) 067/002.85

Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Weitere Schwerpunkte: Fachdidaktik 067/030.02

Art Education: subject dex (Bachelor): Fachdidaktische Theorie und Praxis (dex): FOR: Fachdidaktische Forschungstheorien und Methoden (dex), SE 074/002.30

Art Education: subject dex (Bachelor): Fachdidaktische Theorie und Praxis (dex): IT: Bachelorseminar Fachdidaktik (dex) 074/002.85

Art Education: subject dex (Bachelor): Weitere Schwerpunkte: Fachdidaktik 074/030.02

Studies in Art and Culture (Master): Electives Area 2: Art Didactics 568/006.17

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