Theory of Architecture Integration

Mario Carpo
Architecture, Theory of Architecture
2023S, scientific seminar (SEW), 3.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03316


REV MC 15 feb 2023

all sessions start at 10:45 in my office.  see dates below.  the schedule may be adjusted if needed, in consultation with enrolled students. 


This seminar will mirror the contents of the courses Theory of Architecture 1 and 2; students will be encouraged to audit some of the lectures listed in the TH1 and TH2 syllabus, and they will refer to the same bibliography. After one plenary session, the module will be based on ad-hoc tutorials, ideally coordinated with studio schedules and deadlines; there will also be a final session of oral presentations at the end of term 1 and of term 2. Students will introduce themselves during the plenary session, then attend at least one tutorial to discuss the topic of their final presentations.



Examination Modalities


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Topics for the final presentations will be freely chosen by the students and agreed by the instructor; they may be developments of theoretical arguments related to projects. The exam is an oral presentation of a duration of around 10-15' per student (individually or in small groups); students will also submit a brief synopsis in writing of their presentations (this will include sources, references, and bibliography).




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As thesis preparation course, enrolment in this module is primarily meant for students in the pre-diploma semester of their studies, hence priority will be given to architecture students.


Examination Modalities

see above 


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28 March 2023, 10:45–12:15
29 March 2023, 10:45–12:15
25 April 2023, 10:45–12:15
24 May 2023, 10:45–12:45
25 May 2023, 10:45–12:15
06 June 2023, 10:45–12:15
07 June 2023, 11:45–13:15, "back-up date if needed"

Course Enrolment

From 01 February 2023, 09:30
Via online registration

Architecture (Master): Expertise: Integration: Integration: Theory 443/005.02

Expanded Museum Studies (Master): Electives: Theory and History of Architecture 537/080.22

Studies in Art and Culture (Master): Electives Area 2: History and Theory of Architecture 568/006.13

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