Architekturentwurf I-V

Hani Rashid
Architecture, Architectural Design 3
2022W, K√ľnstl. Einzelunterricht (KE), 15.0 ECTS, 15.0 semester hours, course number S10248


Hani Rashid's studio focuses on developing conceptual, practical, and critical skills for creating visionary future­ oriented architecture. The primary focus of the studio program is focused on the research and development of an architecture that is at once both a response to critical environmental issues while at the same time formulating new ways in which we create innovative formal and spatial solutions. The studio's essential pedagogy deals with crucial aspects of architectural form-making inspired planning approaches and the potentials of new materials, technologies, and methodologies within the discipline. The goal is to formulate work that takes its inspiration from innovation and invention.  The studio places great emphasis on an evidence­ based approach to making where utilizing physical and digital models, animation and computer­ generated imagery, and data sets all serve as tools and means to discovery and manifesting within our discipline.


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