Biogene Schädigung von Kunstwerken

Guadalupe Dominica Piñar Larrubia
Conservation and Restoration, Conservation and Restoration
2022W, Vorlesungen (VO), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S04559


Bacteria _ ecology and diversity

Fungi - ecology and morphology

Algae and cyanobacteria


Microbially caused damage, phenomenological analysis.

Ecology of microorganisms as a basis for the development of treatment options

Treatment methods, handling biocides

Occupational safety in dealing with microorganisms

Microbiological techniques (e.g. sterile work)

Microscopic analysis of sample material

Microscopy of microorganisms

Examination Modalities

written exam


This lecture is complementary (first part) to Prof. Sterflinger's lecture S01604 (second part). The lecture is given alternately by both of us. There is only one joint examination. Please register for both lectures!


14 October 2022, 09:30–12:30
28 October 2022, 09:30–12:30
11 November 2022, 09:30–12:30
25 November 2022, 09:30–12:30, "Vorgetragen von Prof. Sterflinger"
09 December 2022, 09:30–12:30, "Vorgetragen von Prof. Sterflinger"
13 January 2023, 09:30–12:30, "Given by Prof. Sterflinger"

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From 27 September 2022, 10:50 to 13 October 2022, 12:00
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Expanded Museum Studies (Master): Electives: Collection Care 537/080.02

Conservation and Restoration (2. Section): Konservierungswissenschaften - Restaurierung: Präventive Konservierung 588/203.34

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